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Group Wants Marathon Route to Bloom Boston Strong


Gardening groups and others will plant daffodils along the entire Boston Marathon route.
South End Patch News


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Route 93 Overnight Lane Closure On The Way

MassDOT is closing I-93 through Boston during overnight hours two times per month for maintenance this summer.

The southbound lane will be closed to traffic for maintenance overnight Aug. 6-7.
South End Patch News


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Tsarnaev Brothers Were En Route to NY to ‘Party’

A resident's photo reportedly shows the car driven by suspects in the Watertown shootout. A police cruiser is also seen.


The brothers accused in the Boston Marathon bombings had plans to “party” in New York before a Friday manhunt that ended with the elder dead and the younger in cuffs.

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said brother Tamerlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev intended on fleeing to New York City to “celebrate” the night of April 18, according to NBC-4 New York Thursday.

Instead what ensued was a day-long manhunt for Dzokhar Tsarnaev following the death of his older brother, Tamerlan, who was killed in a shootout in Watertown.

Dzokhar Tsarnaev is charged with using a weapon of mass destruction in April 15 bombing at the Boston Marathon finish line which killed three and injured 180 others. He is also accused of the murder of MIT Police Officer Sean Collier. There was a service for the fallen officer at the MIT campus Thursday.

It was originally reported that the brothers were headed to New York to commit other attacks, according to the story. read more


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Amtrak Ridership Skyrockets on Route Through Back Bay Station

Short-range Amtrak travel has soared over the past 15 years and Boston’s Back Bay and South Station are stops on the two most popular routes in the Northeast Corridor.

According to a Brookings Institution report, Amtrak ridership has grown by 55 percent since 1997 — most of this increase is short-distance routes (less than 400 miles). Eighty-three percent of all Amtrak ridership in 2012 was via short-distance routes.

The two most popular routes in the Northeast Corridor are the Acela and Northeast Regional, which both make stops in Boston. Both routes are slightly more than 300 miles.

The Acela had 3.395 million riders in 2012 while the Northeast Regional, which makes more stops, had more than 8 million riders. That’s an increase of 1 million riders in 15 years for the Northeast Regional (the Acela did not exist in 1997), according to the report.

“Those two routes generated a net operating balance of $ 205.4 million in 2011, with $ 178.8 million derived from Acela operations alone. This is not a new phenomenon as over the five fiscal years ending in 2011, these two Northeast Corridor routes delivered an average positive balance of $ 135.9 million per year. They also generated this return via their own operations—the two routes received essentially no state funding support for operations during those five years,” according to the report. read more


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