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Upcoming Boston GreenFest: Go Green, Save Money

A Moby disc, Coming to Boston GreenFest at Boston City Hall Plaza. (Credit: Foundation for a Green Future)

This year's Boston GreenFest will take place on Boston City Hall Plaza on Thursday through Saturday, August 15-17, 2013.
South End Patch News


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Consalvo Calls to Save Boston Housing Program for Elderly

Boston City Council District 5 City Councilor Rob Consalvo

At Wednesday’s city council meeting,City Councilor Rob Consalvo called for stop gap funding to save the Boston Housing Authority resident services program that assists more than 3,500 low-income, elderly and disabled residents across the city.

“On May 1 the resident services program was ended due to cuts on the federal level that funded the program the and the impact of those cuts are being felt locally,” said District 5 City Councilor Rob Consalvo, during the meeting. “All resident service coordinators were eliminated…” In total, 40 positions are no longer being funded.

“This has a dire and serious impact on Boston people who are still going to live in public housing. [Resident Service Coordinators] work day-to-day to provide help on healthcare, nutritional services, substance abuse help, money management… and to keep people safe and people living a good quality life.” read more


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Watertown Rescue’s Actions Helped Save MBTA Officer’s Life

It was a typical 24-hour shift for Watertown Fire Department firefighters James Caruso and Patrick Menton assigned to the department’s rescue ambulance; a few medical calls and some training.

Pretty routine for a Thursday, Caruso would remember. 

But the everyday would within minutes transform into a maelstrom of bullets and bombs. The pair rushed to aid a police officer in a Watertown neighborhood, hit in an exchange of gunfire with the alleged Boston Marathon bombers. 

“From calm to chaos,” said Menton.

Caruso and Menton have worked together periodically on the ambulance which is Caruso’s assignment. In fact, Menton was only scheduled to accompany Caruso after James’ usual partner’s wife gave birth earlier on April 18.

The pair — Westford-native Caruso and Menton who was born, raised and is living in Watertown — who joined the department together eight years ago, would be on the 8 a.m. to 8 a.m. shift.   read more


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Save Money With One of These Gas Sippers

Hybrid cars have been around for over a decade, but if you wanted one, you have very few choices. You could either get a Prius or, well, a different color Prius. Other attempts at Hybrids (remember the first generation Honda Insight?) didn’t click in the marketplace. 

But that’s no longer true. Almost every major car manufacturer offers at lest one hybrid model car. Others go further than that, supplying all-electric vehicles, natural gas cars, or super-efficient all-gas models. In most cases, there’s an upfront cost premium, but if you own the car for a few years, you’ll make that up and then some with savings at the pump. Plus, you’ll help reduce pollution, and who can put a price on that?

Here are a few green cars for sale in the area. And since you already know all about the Prius, we found some other models you may prefer:

2013 Honda Civic Hybrid, $ 25,150: Honda’s been in the hybrid game for a while, and the Civic hybrid is one of the company’s favored models with a green engine. This compact will get you 44 miles per gallon on both surface roads and the highway. read more


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