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Capuano Mulling Run for Governor’s Seat

U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano told WBUR News that he will take the next several months to think about whether to run for the governor’s seat next year, when Deval Patrick’s term expires.  “Part of me thinks that some of the more interesting, more important fights over the next several years might be conducted at statehouses around the country and not necessarily on Capitol Hill,” Capuano, 61, told WBUR. Capuano represents the new 7th Congressional District, which covers most of Boston, including the South End. He’s held the seat since 1999. Prior to that he was the mayor of Somerville. Capuano’s name was floated amongst those who might run for Sen. John Kerry’s recently vacated seat but in January he ended speculation of such a run, posting the following on his Facebook page: Thank you for all of your good wishes. They have truly meant a great deal. After careful consideration, I have decided not to enter the race for US Senate. Instead, I look forward to focusing on the important issues facing the new Congress. My current work in the House and whatever opportunities the future may hold, afford me the greatest honor of my life; fighting for the Citizens of the Commonwealth. Would you like to see a run for governor by Rep. Capuano? Tell us in the comments.  SOUTH END PATCH: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail Updates South End Patch


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Tisei Will Not Run in Special Election for U.S. Senate Seat

A day after saying he was considering running for the seat vacated by Sen. John Kerry, Republican Richard Tisei announced that he will not be in the race after all.  On Saturday night, Tisei, a former state Senate minority leader, released a statement regarding his decision: I’ve been humbled by so many people who’ve urged me to run for this seat, following Senator Scott Brown’s decision not to run on Friday. I believe it’s imperative that the Republican party put forward a strong candidate who can help bring much-needed change to Washington. Unfortunately, the timing is simply not right for me to do so – deeply as I feel about the need to strongly compete in this election.  It was also my desire to make this decision as quickly as possible so that other potential candidates would be able to consider whether they should run. We have many talented people from all walks of life who should get involved in the political system to bring about change.  The political class ought not be a select few.  That’s part of the reason that we’re in such a mess and that our political system has become dysfunctional.  I urge principled, qualified men and women to stand up and be counted in the political arena.  We have no right to complain if we’re not willing to be constructively involved as we try to build a better future.  I’ve met thousands and thousands of people who do care and have been involved and I urge them to stay involved and to continue to make a difference – especially in these difficult times. I look forward to continuing my involvement and to supporting strong, principled, independent-minded candidates who may choose to run for this and other offices.  All of us – Republicans, Independents, and Democrats – need to roll up our sleeves, pitch in, and bring about the reforms of our political system that are so desperately needed. Whether as a candidate or concerned citizen, I will continue to be involved with other men and women of integrity who share my desire for real reforms. South End Patch


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