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Boston’s Pools Opening Soon for Summer

Soon, you’ll be able to cool down in a city pool any day of the week. The city announced on Monday that Boston’s 10 Centers for Youth and Families (BCYF) city swimming pools and one city beach will stay open every day of the week starting on June 29.  In addition to the 10 pools open seven days a week, all of the city’s pools are open on Sundays from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. During the week, pool hours vary depending on location.  Luckily for South Enders, one pool that will remain open all week is the South End’s BCYF Blackstone pool, located on 50 West Brookline St. This year marks the second in a row the city has decided to open its pools early.  “With the warm weather on its way, we want our residents to be able to beat the heat seven days a week,” Mayor Tom Menino said. “We have amazing facilities in the city, and I encourage all our families to take advantage of them.” The BCYF pools that will open seven days a week are: BCYF Blackstone (South End) BCYF Clougherty (Charlestown) – outdoor pool BCYF Curley Beach (South Boston) – beach BCYF Curtis Hall (Jamaica Plain) BCYF Draper (West Roxbury) BCYF Flaherty (Roslindale) BCYF Holland (Dorchester) BCYF Mason (Roxbury) BCYF Mildred Avenue (Mattapan) BCYF Mirabella (North End) – outdoor pool, opens June 22 BCYF Paris Street (East Boston) You can check the full listing of pools and contact information on the city’s website.  SOUTH END PATCH: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail Updates South End Patch


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Coming Soon! South End Patch Gets a New Look

Hi, everyone! I have some exciting news to share about Patch – we’re getting a whole new look! It’s coming soon and it’s going to make South End Patch easier to use, and a better place to connect and share. The best part? You’ll be able to see it all on your mobile phone! Here’s what you need to know:   Our site is being rebuilt from the ground up! The news will look better and be easier to comment on. And, you’ll find more local voices to keep you in the loop with the latest know-how and opinion. We’re adding Boards to make it easier for you to connect with each other, debate an issue, or announce your garage sale, graduation, or find a lost pet. More to say? It will be easier to start your own blog, too. You’ll soon be able to start your own blog anytime, so you can have a stronger voice in the community – or just share your expertise and opinion. And if you’re already a Local Voices blogger, you’ll find the tools are much more streamlined and straightforward. You’ll see all of this (and more) on Patch real soon. For a sneak peek, check out Fairfield Patch. Questions? Please e-mail Senior Editor Sara Jacobi  As always, thanks for being part of the South End Patch community. South End Patch


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Mass. Tax Plans: Too Much, Too Soon? Or Too Little, Too Slow?

Massachusetts legislators this week answered Gov. Deval Patrick’s ambitious plan to raise $ 1.9 billion for transportation and education with a $ 500 million plan of their own, which says the governor is asking for too much, too soon as the Bay State shakes off the effects of the Great Recession. Who’s right? Should the state forge ahead in a bold plan to invest now? Or should it cautiously address the bottom line before embarking on bigger initiatives?  While Patrick’s plan includes funding for both the state transportation system and increased education funding from preschool through college, House and Senate lawmakers eschew new revenue for education, focusing solely on closing the transportation budget gap over the next five years. The legislative leadership’s plan includes: 3-cent gas tax increase, indexed for inflation, $ 1 per pack increase on cigarettes along with excise tax increases on cigars and smokeless tobacco, new sales tax for businesses for software purchases, eliminating the “utility” tax classification, changing of the sourcing of the state’s sales factor system, which would require out of state companies that sell products in state to pay more in taxes. In contrast, the governor’s plan includes: Increasing the income tax from 5.25 percent to 6.25 percent, while doubling personal exemptions, Lowering the sales tax from 6.25 percent to 4.5 percent, Eliminating 44 tax credits, deductions and exemptions, such as reinstating the capital gains tax on the sale of a primary residence, Indexing the gas tax to inflation, Eliminating the sales tax exemption for soda and candy,  $ 1 per pack increase on cigarettes, like the legislative plan. Patrick said Thursday he would veto the Legislature’s leaders bill in its current form, according to The Republican, because it doesn’t provide enough money for bigger transportation projects and he’s skeptical it provides enough funding to cities and towns for road and bridge projects.  At a press conference on Tuesday, Senate President Therese Murray said the governor “put out a 10-year vision. We’re just saying maybe 10 years is too ambitious right away … I think it’s good that there is attention on the fact that there are infrastructure needs. Nobody wants to go over a bridge that’s going to fall down. We want to invest on our infrastructure we just have a different plan on how to do that.” The legislative leadership’s plan is closer to a report by conservative think tank Pioneer Institute, which proposes a 3-cent gas tax increase, MBTA fare hikes, halting major expansion projects until backlogs are taken care of, and reforms such as basing funding increments on the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s performance, the Boston Herald reports. Supporters […]


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Week in Review: Blizzard Hits the South End, Boston Chops Opening Soon

The following are the top headlines on Fenway-Kenmore Patch from Feb. 4 to Feb 8, 2013: Blizzard Photos: Stick Your Camera Out the Window! It’s easy to upload your photos. Just click the “upload” button. Man Sentenced to 20 Years in Jail for South End Drunk Driving Crash A Dorchester man received the maximum penalty for manslaughter for a drunk driving accident in the South End in 2010 that killed one of his friends. Taylor Street ‘Stop Work’ Order Lifted, East Wall to Be Rebuilt The Landmarks Commission decided on Tuesday night to lift the stop work order on the wooden house at 8-10 Taylor Street. Boston Chops, Urban Steak Bistro, Opening in February on Washington Street Owners Brian Piccini and chef Chris Coombs are opening their take on “what a steak house in the South End should be.” SOUTH END PATCH: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail Updates South End Patch


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