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Sports Cars for a Stellar Summer

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Sports cars and the people who drive them have taken a bit of a beating in popular culture these last few years. Movie geeks look at a hood scoop and drawl “I live my life a quarter mile at a time” in their deepest Vin Diesel voice. Cynics hear the growl of a high-end exhaust and draw anatomical conclusions about the owner.

But all the ribbing doesn’t change one fact: High-performance cars are wicked fun to drive. Big block beast, small block tuner, or high-end euro ride, the power and handling can’t be matched by an efficient Prius or sensible minivan.

Here are five local cars for sale that will give you the growl, grip and go that (deep down inside) you really want:

2014 Ford Mustang, $ 26,849: When introduced in the 1960’s, the Ford Mustang changed American car making forever, launching a muscle car revolution that didn’t peter out until the 1980’s. Fast forward to the early years of this century: Ford re-released the Mustang with an updated version of its classic fastback style, launching another round of muscle car interest in the market. The 2014 models are already rolling out to local dealerships.  read more


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