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Turning Tragedy Into Motivation To Make a Difference

2012 MM Journey recipient, Elaine, enjoying a surprise visit from Wally The Green Monster!

It is the news nobody wants to hear. The realization that one you hold so dear is facing the end of their days.

Life-threatening illnesses have a huge impact on those afflicted and the loved ones around them. Caleb Ginsberg of Amherst, New Hampshire experienced this for himself five years ago when, not just one, but three of those closest to him were diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer in the same week.

His grandmother. His aunt. A good friend who he considered family. All of them facing the reality that their lives will be cut short.

The overwhelming feelings of sadness and fear could have broken Ginsberg and his family, but something much different happened. A realization that these final moments were not to be a downward fall into despair, but a forward journey to be cherished.

In 2008, Ginsberg and his family came together to help other families come to the same realization with the founding of the Motivating Miles Foundation. read more


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When Kids Don’t React to Tragedy

Boylston Looking Toward Storrow Drive

Never was Boston so grateful for a Monday: Back to work, back to school, back to routines, after a five-day ordeal shook the city and the world watched. 

Gone are most of the satellite trucks, the clusters of reporters and cameramen, the strands of law enforcement officers for every street on our normal path. By Wednesday, barricades and memorials for the victims of the April 15 bombings, bookending Boylston St., were moved and the street reopened.

One week ago, my innocent concern was for the magnolias on Commonwealth Avenue, and whether they’d be at their showy peak when 23,000 marathoners rose up out of the underpass to greet the last six-tenths of their 26.2-mile race. Last year, the trees bloomed pink and white in March, and Patriots Day was really too hot for running.  

This past marathon morning, my children and I took a break from planting dozens of unpromising looking, dormant rhizomes in our yard, and before noon we walked over in the cool sunshine to see the first hour’s worth of finishers turn the corner onto Hereford Street. We stole some space between a police van and the fence. My little one got tired of watching, and I told the big sisters to not stay too long. They were practically standing on top of the exhaust from the van. I let out the leash a little that day and let the girls walk home on their own, for the first time for that particular route and distance. There were so many policemen around, what could happen?  read more


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Beware of Marathon Tragedy Scams

Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley is warning against scams in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.

More than 125 website domain names related to the explosions were registered within hours of the bombings on Monday, Coakley said. She asked that people check out the organization before contributing.

Coakley said many charities, including The One Fund Boston, are reputable, but that people should be careful of those who may be taking advantage of the tragedy.

“After the unconscionable attack at the Boston Marathon, there has been an outpouring of support from people who want to help,” Coakley said. “We urge people from Massachusetts and across the country to continue to support the victims and those impacted by this horrific event. We also encourage people to do their homework on the charity before giving to ensure their money will go to the purpose they intend.”

“Our office received reports just this morning that a mere four hours after the attack at the marathon, over 125 domain names were registered to collect money for the victims and several fraudulent twitter accounts were opened asking for money as well,” Undersecretary of Consumer Affairs Barbra Anthony said. “It is unspeakable that anyone would sink to capitalize on Boston’s sorrow as we recover from this tragedy. We remind consumers to exercise caution and do their homework before reaching out to help.” read more


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