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10 Ways To Get ‘Unstuck’

We’ve all experienced times where we feel stuck. We struggle to find a new way to approach a problem. It could be about money, relationships, career, family or even our schedule. In situations like this, we need an infusion of fresh energy around the issue as well as a new way of thinking. There is no way out of approaching a problem from the same perspective unless something shifts. Einstein said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” So, how do we find a new way of thinking? 1. Exercise. When we feel stuck, we need to refresh our brain and move the stuck energy of feeling defeated through the body. The best way to do that is to move. Walk, run, practice yoga, hike or just do 25 jumping jacks in your house. Make exercise a regular part of your “poor perspective” detoxification. 2. Look at the issue from the opposite point of view. If you feel you have no time to yourself, pretend you have all the time in the world. If you feel you are cash poor, pretend you have all the money you need. If you’re worried about booking new work, look at the time you have free in your schedule as an opportunity to find quality work versus just taking the first thing that comes along. When we start to look at something from another angle, we find immediate relief of anxiety, even though part of what we’re doing is tricking ourselves into a new way of thinking. This alone won’t work, but sometimes it can result in a new idea to emerge. 3. Think outside the box. I am very concrete in my thinking. This is helpful from a practical standpoint but limits my ability to think of a new solution to a problem. A perfect example is my schedule. I have a set schedule each week around teaching yoga classes. This limits my ability to be spontaneous and do things like travel on short notice or buy last-minute theatre tickets. This created a great deal of anxiety for me until I started to imagine myself booking an afternoon or evening off, in advance, at least once every few months. Sure, it’d lose the spontaneous flavor but the main object is to relieve some of the anxiety and have some balance in my life. 4. Don’t rule anything out. We tend to gravitate towards certain solutions as our fixer-uppers. Need a job? Look on the Internet and apply for job postings. Need to find more time in your schedule? Drop your exercise routine to find more free time. While these things may solve your issue […]


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