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State House News Service Weekly Roundup: When You’ve Had a Bad Day

Gabriel Gomez and Rep. Edward Markey will face off in the U.S. Senate special election June 25.

It could have been a turning point in the race, the moment when the lights flicked on and the much-anticipated contest finally lived up to expectations for a U.S Senate race.

Would Congressman Edward Markey would finally slam the door on Gabriel Gomez and dash the GOP’s dream of Scott Brown redux? Could Gomez shine, narrow the polls and entice national Republican donors to start paying attention?

Instead, all anyone wanted to talk about Thursday morning was the thrilling Bruins double overtime victory in Game 3 of the NHL Eastern Conference finals. Tuukka Rask as a write-in?

At long last, Markey and Gomez shared the same debate stage. In fact, they were so close to each other in the WBZ studios they practically shared a podium. It was all Markey could do not graze Gomez as he repeatedly threw his hands up in disbelief. “Look it,” he would say over and over, refuting one charge after another lobbed his way.

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Neither Gomez nor Markey came across as a particularly skilled debater, but Gomez came prepared to try to knock Markey off his game and get under the veteran Congressman’s skin. It didn’t really work. read more


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Tell Us: What’s the Biggest Challenge You’ve Ever Faced?

What's Your Mountain, Boston?


In honor of the 60th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary’s historic scaling of Mount Everest, Patch is asking our readers across the country: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever had to overcome? 

Have you kicked your soda habit or finished a triathlon? Or maybe you made your final student loan payment, defeated cancer, lost 50 pounds or learned to knit. From everyday to extraordinary, please share your stories of the mountains you’ve conquered in the comments section below. You’ll not only inspire others, but also earn some well-deserved kudos!

Tell Us: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever had to overcome? Share your story in the comments below.

About this sponsorship: Patch has teamed up with Grape-Nuts cereal on this “What’s Your Mountain” campaign to find inspirational stories in our towns and celebrate folks who have affected positive change in their lives and communities. read more


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