What’s Your Pick for the Official State Rock Song?

Fans of making "Roadrunner" the commonwealth's official rock song have taken to Facebook to gather community support.

With paeans to Massachusetts, Route 128, the Mass Pike and even Stop n’ Shop, The Modern Lovers’ “Roadrunner” is a thoroughly local song. But should it be the state’s official rock song? Some state legislators think so.

Aside from the song’s lyrical caress of the state and its eccentric geographic locales, the band has great local roots in and around Boston. Lead singer Jonathan Richman is from Natick, and drummer David Robinson hails from Woburn. The band’s first demo was recorded at the Back Bay’s Intermedia Studios, where Aerosmith recorded “Dream On,” and which was later bought by the Cars, who recorded there as well. The Newbury Street studio is long gone, however; the space is now an American Apparel.

State legislators from across the state are jumping on the “Roadrunner” bandwagon, including North End Rep. Aaron Michlewitz (his aunt was in the band).

While Jonathan Richman may be in love with Massachusetts, not everyone in the state is enamored with his “Roadrunner.” Boston’s “Rock n’ Roll Band” has several state references sprinkled throughout the lyrics, and The Dropkick Murphys have created their own cottage industry writing and covering locally-based songs.

What do you think? Is Richman’s cooing “I’m in love with Massachusetts?” enough for the state song, or are there other local rock songs more deserving of the title? Give us your best alternatives in the comments section below.

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