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Felix Arroyo Launches Official Campaign for Mayor

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Councilor Felix G. Arroyo, At-Large

City Councilor Felix G. Arroyo officially kicked off his mayoral campaign on Saturday in the South End.

Arroyo outlined a series of goals that included improving Boston’s public schools, and having safe and affordable neighborhoods.

“My family, like many families, needed a leg up and needed affordable housing and that was provided for them right here in Villa Victoria,” he said. “Everyone deserves to have a place to live, and that doesn’t happen by accident, and that doesn’t happen because you wish it so. That happens by intention.”

Arroyo also noted he plans to support small businesses in the city.

“Boston has over a billion dollars in deposits in various banks, yet we don’t know that these banks invest at all in any of our neighborhoods,” he said. “As Mayor I would implement legislation that will ensure that we only do business with banks that are lending to small businesses, to qualified homebuyers, to development projects, and that are helping solve our foreclosure crisis.” read more


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State Welfare Names New Head Official After Critical Reports

Massachusetts State House

The state welfare agency has officially named its new commissioner in the wake of a scandal in which payments to dead people were rendered.

The Boston Herald reports Stacey Monahan has been named the new commissioner of the Department of Transitional Assistance. She had been an interim commissioner since Daniel Curley resigned in February after an Inspector General report cited broad overpayments. The February report said fraudulent welfare payments have cost taxpayers $ 25 million per year.

Auditor Suzanne Bump released a report in May which says the agency has paid benefits to 1,164 people who received benefits after they had died, according to

Monahan has served as the executive director of the Massachusetts Democratic Party and is the former chief of staff for the Executive Office of Health and Human Services.

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What’s Your Pick for the Official State Rock Song?

Fans of making "Roadrunner" the commonwealth's official rock song have taken to Facebook to gather community support.

With paeans to Massachusetts, Route 128, the Mass Pike and even Stop n’ Shop, The Modern Lovers’ “Roadrunner” is a thoroughly local song. But should it be the state’s official rock song? Some state legislators think so.

Aside from the song’s lyrical caress of the state and its eccentric geographic locales, the band has great local roots in and around Boston. Lead singer Jonathan Richman is from Natick, and drummer David Robinson hails from Woburn. The band’s first demo was recorded at the Back Bay’s Intermedia Studios, where Aerosmith recorded “Dream On,” and which was later bought by the Cars, who recorded there as well. The Newbury Street studio is long gone, however; the space is now an American Apparel.

State legislators from across the state are jumping on the “Roadrunner” bandwagon, including North End Rep. Aaron Michlewitz (his aunt was in the band). read more


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