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Francesca’s Cafe Closes Its Doors For Good

The cafe at the corner of Tremont and Clarendon has shut down. South End Patch News


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Patrick Makes Good on Stanley Cup Wager in Chicago

Massachusetts governor volunteered at the Greater Chicago Food Depository Tuesday. South End Patch News


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14 Good Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

The following story was provided by  By Dan Fastenberg As tough as the labor market is, college grads still have an easier time than those with only a high school degree. In February, college graduates had an unemployment rate of 3.8 percent—compared to a staggering 11 percent for those with only a high school diploma. Still, a new study released Tuesday shows that there are some good careers out there for those who lack a four-year degree. If you’re looking for a job in the South End, check out our jobs page., the job-portal site, compiled a list of 14 good careers that require only a high school degree (though some require additional training). The site used a variety of criteria to assess the quality of the careers, including salary, how physically demanding the positions are, and emotional factors such as the fields’ competitiveness, potential hazards and stress. Those with the lowest score received the highest ranking. also looked at the potential income and employment growth for the decade ending in 2020, using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Overall, the 14 jobs for high school grads offer an average median salary of $ 41,307, which means the group is in line with the overall average salary for all Americans. The highest-paying job on the list offers a median salary of $ 77,000 a year. But several of the careers on CareerCast’s list offer incomes of around $ 20,000. More: 10 Things HR Won’t Tell You About Your Resume The list includes careers that have long been popular trades for Americans who don’t attend college. But CareerCast also identified tech positions that are in high demand, and often don’t require a degree, just skill. Still, expect to be paid less without a college degree. “Business owners don’t always want to pay market rate if you don’t have a degree,” Sol Hershkowitz, of New York-based, told CareerCast, according to its news release. Check out’s list of “14 Great Jobs Without a College Degree“: 1. Administrative/executive assistantJobs-rated rank: 75.Median salary: $ 34,660.Job growth: 12 percent. 2. Automobile body repairerJobs-rated rank: 77.Median salary: $ 34,660.Job growth: 17 percent. 3. Bookkeeper Jobs-rated rank: 71.Median salary: $ 34,040.Job growth: 14 percent. 4. Communications equipment mechanic Jobs-rated rank: 84.Median salary: $ 54,710.Job growth: 15 percent. 5. Electrician Jobs-rated rank: 76.Median salary: $ 48,250.Job growth: 23 percent. 6. GlazierJobs-rated rank: 59.Median salary: $ 36,640.Job growth: 42 percent. 7. Hair stylistJobs-rated rank: 83.Median salary: $ 22,500.Job growth: 14 percent. 8. Industrial machine repairer Jobs-rated rank: 44.Median salary: $ 44,160.Job growth: 19 percent. 9. Paralegal assistant Jobs-rated rank: 41.Median Salary: $ 46,680.Job Growth: 18 percent. 10. Pest control workerJobs-rated rank: 95.Median salary: $ 30,340.Job growth: 24 percent. 11. PlumberJobs-rated rank: 66.Median salary: $ 46,660.Job growth: 26 percent. 12. ReceptionistJobs-rated rank: 86.Median salary: $ 25,240.Job growth: 24 percent. 13. Skincare specialistJobs-rated rank: 43.Median salary: $ 28,920.Job growth: 25 percent. 14. Web developerJobs-rated rank: 24.Median salary: $ 75,660.Job growth: 22 percent. South End Patch


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Are Tolls a Good Way to Finance Roads?

Drivers who live in the towns and cities along the Massachusetts Turnpike west of Route 128 are used to paying tolls. However, in 2009 the state wrote into a law a deadline for the tolls along Interstate 90 to be taken down once the state’s highway debt is paid off, according to the Boston Business Journal Wednesday. The site reports that date is Jan. 1, 2017 as of now. The state does plan to get rid of the tollbooths as currently constituted in one form by installing a high-speed all-electronic tolling system that bills drivers as they zip through. This change will take effect as early as next year on the Tobin Bridge. BBJ reports that top state Department of Transportation official Richard Davey wants to roll the MassPike tolls west of Route 128 in with this plan, thus canceling the previous plan to get rid of tolling along this section of the Pike altogether. Do you think tolling is a good way to continue to finance the state’s infrastructure needs, or would it be best for transportation officials to take the tolls down and find another way? Leave your opinion in the comments.  SOUTH END PATCH: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail Updates South End Patch


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South End’s Cathedral: A ‘Good Sign’ New Pope is from Latin America

After a short conclave, cardinals at the Vatican announced Wednesday that Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was elected the new pope and would call himself Pope Francis. Parishoners at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in the South End said they were a little sad – but also happy – that Boston Cardinal SeanO’Malley wasn’t selected.  “They always say anyone that has press before the conclave will go in and come out a cardinal – it’s always that quiet one, the one that isn’t on the radar,” said Bob Travers Jr., a pastoral associate at the cathedral.  Travers said that the South End church where Cardinal O’Malley is in residency would have lost their Cardinal, and possibly their Father Kevin J. O’Leary, too, to Rome, so the announcement is bittersweet. “Now, we’ve still got them both,” he said.  Pope Francis 76, is the 266th pontiff of the Catholic Church. He’s not only the first to be called Francis, he’s also the first pope from South America, the first Jesuit, and the first non-European pope in more than 1,000 years.  Travers said he thinks it’s a good sign that someone from Latin America was chosen to lead the Catholic church. “The future of the church is in Latin America and Africa, and I think the Cardinals recognized that,” he said.  SOUTH END PATCH: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail Updates South End Patch


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