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Police: Argument Over Money Turned into a Fight in the South End

The following information was supplied by the Boston Police Department. Charges listed do not indicate convictions.  Boston Police responded to a report of an assault and battery at about 12:23 a.m. on August 4 on West Springfield Str South End Patch News


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Turning Tragedy Into Motivation To Make a Difference

It is the news nobody wants to hear. The realization that one you hold so dear is facing the end of their days. Life-threatening illnesses have a huge impact on those afflicted and the loved ones around them. Caleb Ginsberg of Amherst, New Hampshire experienced this for himself five years ago when, not just one, but three of those closest to him were diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer in the same week. His grandmother. His aunt. A good friend who he considered family. All of them facing the reality that their lives will be cut short. The overwhelming feelings of sadness and fear could have broken Ginsberg and his family, but something much different happened. A realization that these final moments were not to be a downward fall into despair, but a forward journey to be cherished. In 2008, Ginsberg and his family came together to help other families come to the same realization with the founding of the Motivating Miles Foundation. Beginning Their “Journeys” Ginsberg and his mother Sarah Ramsey started Motivating Miles to focus on an aspect of illness that is often ignored during traditional medical care: the mental and emotional well-being of the patient and family. “This really changes everyones’ world and we wanted to figure out something we can do to create positive experiences and help in this process of acceptance,” said Ginsberg. “It is such a ripple effect that turns everyones’ world upside down.” The inspiration came from a 60 Minutes special on  “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch, where a professor facing terminal illness explained that facing death is a time to truly live. With this in mind the focus of their foundation had become clear. First to provide a series of positive, uplifting experiences to the patients and loved ones so they can truly live in the moment. Then document the experience so the family can cherish these one-of-a-kind memories. Motivating Miles has so far guided sixteen families on “Journeys” that capture the legacies of their lives in ways as unique as the people themselves. The foundation covers all bases for anything  that brings a family together for a positive experience. A family in Maine had two sons with Huntington’s Disease, a terrible neurological disease that cripples the body, and wanted them to spend their last years with family. There was no room in the house, so Motivating Miles raised money to have the basement renovated to bring this family together. A young girl in Milford was able to take a road trip to Utah with her family to spend time with her grandparents before she passed away. Motivating Miles paid for […]


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Police: Man Charged with Drug Possession, Attempting to Break into Car on Harrison Ave

Boston Police observed a man looking into the windows of a blue Volvo while trying to open the front driver’s side door on Harrison Avenue at about 1:55 a.m. on April 27. The officer asked the suspect what was going on. The suspect reportedly turned around and looked frightened. The suspect reportedly started speaking rapidly. The officer thought that the suspect might try to make a run for it. The suspect stated that the vehicle belonged to his girlfriend. The suspect stated that he had just gotten off work and was looking to meet his girlfriend there. The suspect then told officers that he was off of his medications and that his girlfriend was on her way with the medication. According to the police, the suspect’s story continued to change. During his conversation with the officer, the suspect continued to place his hands in his pockets after the officer asked that he keep his hands in plain sight. The officer decided to search the suspect and preformed a pat and frisk. The officer found a pill bottle in the suspect’s pocket. The suspect told the officer that this was his medication. The officer investigated the pill bottle and found 15 Suboxone and Promethazine. Officers arrested Mathew Walsh of 425 Beale Street, Milton, and charged him with attempting to break into a vehicle and possession of a Class B substance.  South End Patch


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Future Deficit Forces T into Tough Choices

MBTA officials have proposed service cuts and fare increases if there is no increase in funding, based on a $ 130 million projected budget deficit in fiscal year 2014. Director of Strategic Initiatives for the MBTA Charles Planck said at a MBTA finance committee meeting that in order to close the budget gap T fares will need to go up 33 percent, which means subway fares would move up from $ 2 to $ 2.60, The Boston Globe reported Wednesday. There was also talk at the meeting of a 15 percent fare increase coupled with the possible elimination of up to 30 bus routes, according to the Globe. Gov. Deval Patrick unveiled an ambitious transportation plan in February that would potentially raise $ 1.02 billion per year for the next 10 years, some of which, if lawmakers adopt the proposal, could go toward MBTA services. The MBTA budget for fiscal year 2014 is due April 15, the Globe reports. SOUTH END PATCH: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail Updates South End Patch


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State House News Service Weekly Roundup: Backing Into Half a Cat

Four years ago Gov. Deval Patrick went to the Legislature and asked for a 19-cent gas tax increase to fund transportation. They scoffed at his idea, then raised the sales tax and swore off further revenue increases, until now. With that history in mind, a sense of irony settled over Beacon Hill this week, where there’s a possibility that the governor’s proposal to hike the income tax, lower the sales tax and eliminate some tax deductions might be driving lawmakers back to that moment in 2009 with a chance to reconsider. It would be odd if House lawmakers turned later this month to the gas tax for new revenue. But not implausible. At least not anymore. The plot thickened as the negotiations between House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Patrick – private up until now – spilled more into the public sphere. And with little to nothing else on the legislative agenda at the moment, all ears were tuned. DeLeo on Thursday went before the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce to embrace Patrick’s priorities of investing in transportation and education, with one big caveat. He committed to raising new revenue for transportation, but said the House plan would be “far more narrow in scope and of a significantly smaller size” than Patrick’s $ 1.9 billion ask. And he said he wanted to do it apart from the budget, possibly by the end of the month. And so on a snowy Friday afternoon, Patrick went before the House and Senate Ways and Means committees to testify on his own plan, an unusual but not unprecedented step by the governor to lobby lawmakers face-to-face in public with the clock ticking a little faster. And he brought charts. Click here to subscribe to MASSterlist, a free morning newsletter by State House News Service that highlights political news from a wide array of newspapers and journals in Massachusetts and New England. Cognizant of DeLeo’s comments, Patrick warned against the temptation to focus just on transportation for now and to ignore education needs until a later date. He said he did not “pad” his $ 1.9 billion investment plan, and while there may be more than one way to skin a cat, he cautioned against “backing ourselves into half a cat.” Calling “brainpower” the hallmark of Massachusetts, Patrick likened a transportation-only strategy to the idea that Texas would stop investing in oil, or Iowa turning its back on corn. And then he addressed the gas tax, a topic that has dogged him for years – in short, he was against raising it before he was for that idea. Without being specific, Patrick said he has heard that some in the Legislature want to raise […]


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