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Locked Down in Watertown: ‘You Can’t Live Scared’

“Well, it’s a beautiful day out there, best of the year,” said Brian Baccaro, 29, a former roommate of mine who still has a Brighton address on the Watertown line. “And now I think bombs might be hidden all over the place.” That statement is no longer irrational for this community. It’s no longer irrational for Boston. The porch barbecues and outdoor events that make these neighborhoods so boisterous likely will not take place this weekend – the first one to hit 70 degrees after a long, brutal winter. There won’t be chicken kabobs or lahmajun eaten, Coors Light 30-racks will stay on the shelves, and you won’t see neighbors yelling across their porches at each other. Instead, the working class people of Brighton, the largely Armenian population of Watertown, the students and citizens of Cambridge and the rest of Eastern Massachusetts will stay hunkered down indoors in a police state. Welcome to post-bomb Boston. Watertown and Brighton Arsenal Street, specifically the section located between two malls in Watertown, is the epicenter of Friday morning’s news. Police have clustered here as they hunt for the remaining suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old wanted for Monday’s Marathon bombings. Aresnal Street, and the two malls that bookend the enormous police presence, are on the border between Watertown and the Boston suburb of Brighton. Brighton is home to young adults, college students and Irish and Russian families who have been there for generations. From 2006 to 2012, I lived on Hobson Street in Brighton. It was a short Charles River bike ride away from the scene of this manhunt. There’s no violent crime in these neighborhoods: When I lived here someone unwittingly showed up drunk at my apartment door mistaking my home for his and a misunderstanding ensued. That’s the only confrontation I remember. It was through Watertown’s quiet, small, one-way streets in the east end of town that police had a gun battle in the middle of the night. By 6 a.m., live images of SWAT teams and other law enforcement encamped in front of a building on Quimby Street were broadcast, and riveting us in front of our televisions before we knew we weren’t allowed to leave our homes. Today not just Brighton and Watertown, but the neighboring communities of Belmont, Cambridge and all of Boston are on government-mandated lockdown; Watertown is a law enforcement stronghold. Not the outdoor celebration of spring it was supposed to be. Locked in Doors, Confident Normalcy Will Return Sue Gryszkiewicz, 29, lives on Clark Street in Somerville, two blocks from Norfolk Street, within shouting distance of the police activity early Friday. “It’s scary,” she […]


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Residents Shocked, Scared and Obeying Shelter-in-Place Order

  Shock, fear and an eerie sense of quiet has quickly taken over the Boston area while one of the largest manhunts in the history American history continues. “Shock. Utter shock,” wrote Erika Hunt on Jamaica Plain’s Facebook page. “Thankful for (Facebook) and the ability to keep in touch with everyone.” “Living in Boston right now is scary. I love Boston, but looking forward to moving down south in the fall,” wrote Mishelle Westling on West Roxbury Patch’s Facebook page. “Hope they get the kid and end this,” wrote Heidi Kreuter on West Roxbury Patch’s Facebook page. Concern for children, whether it be about the actual events, or being trapped inside, is a common thread. “Seems quiet outside,” said Liam Sulllivan on JP’s Patch’s Facebook page. “The kids are already getting cabin fever inside.” “I feel sad for our children. This is a scary world,” wrote Liz Ryan on West Roxbury Patch’s Facebook page. Others offered suggestions on how to deal with the stress once the “stay-in-shelter” is lifted. “Might be time to go to the garden and take a life break,” wrote John McLachlan on the South End Patch’s Facebook page. Some wondered when they could leave their homes for some of life’s necessities. “Where can I go to get more coffee. Need Coffee in Charlestown! #BostonStrong” one Charlestown resident wrote on Twitter. Less than 10 minutes later, she posted: “Excellent neighbors in Charlestown. One just knocked on my door and brought me coffee. #BostonStrong“ Others were trying to look at the silver lining, while issuing concern for others. “I am happy to pay my taxes,” wrote Alice Andrus on South End Patch’s Facebook page. “A bit anxious. Harvard is closed today — thinking about the essential staff who might be required to go to work. Worried about my foster daughter who is at UMass Dartmouth — the fugitive lived in the dorm next to hers and everyone is on lockdown,” wrote Randi Ellingboe on JP Patch’s Facebook page. “I am trusting in law enforcement officials. I am trying to feel calm while I am safe in my home and I am feeling glad that my 93-year-old father is safe in his rehab facility. Stay safe everyone,” wrote Rosanne Runfola on West Roxbury Patch’s Facebook page. “My husband was already at work by 7 a.m. this morning. First time ever, I told him to stay there,” wrote Ann Williams on JP Patch’s Facebook page.  “My partner and I are respecting the shelter-in-place order, neither of us has gone to work. I work for state gov’t (non-law enforcement), so I’ve been told to stay home. Haven’t checked […]


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