Menino: ‘I Will Leave the Job That I Love’

After 20 years of serving as mayor of Boston, Mayor Thomas M. Menino officially announced on Thursday he would not seek re-election.

Menino, who after two decades is the city’s longest-serving mayor, announced his decision in front of a large crowd of family, friends and supporters at Faneuil Hall’s Great Hall. 

“I am here with the people I love, to tell the city I love, that I will leave the job that I love,” Menino said. “I can run, I can win, and I can lead, but not ‘in-the-neighborhoods-all-the-time,’ as I like,” he said. 

Menino said that over the last few months, his health has greatly improved, but he’s not still up to his normal pace and not able to spend the amount of time in the neighborhoods that he’s used to.

“I miss hitting every event, ribbon cutting, new homeowner dinner,” he said. “Spending so much time in the neighborhoods gives me energy… It may not be the only way to lead Boston, but it’s the only way for me.”

Menino said he feels humbled and grateful to have served as mayor of Boston “during its best days.”

“Boston is the greatest city on earth,” he said. “It is a buzzing, amazing, history-making place. It gets better every day because of you, and as long as you work together, that will never change.” 

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