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Things You Should Leave Off Your Resume

Provided by By Leslie Anglesey for Brazen Life Your resume may only be a single page, but it’s a potential minefield when it comes to your career. On one hand, you want enough information so the employer sees what a stellar candidate you are. On the other, you don’t want to step into any pitfalls that will give the hiring manager reason to exclude you. Here are the do’s and don’ts for writing each section of your resume:  Experience DO tell an employer about your skills and experience that are relevant to the position. Customize your resume for each position you’d like to pursue. A cookie-cutter approach to looking for work is less likely to be successful. DON’T list every short-term job you’ve held. If you’ve worked at a number of temporary positions, it may look as though you have trouble holding a job. The exception is writing about a temporary job or internship that’s relevant to the position you’re applying for. More: More Employers Demand Twitter-Like Brevity On Applications Contact Information DO include your home phone number and main email address. Depending on how much privacy you have to take calls and pick up messages from a prospective employer at work, you may also want to include your cell number. DON’T list your business phone number or email account on your resume. Your current employer may be monitoring your phone calls and email correspondence. Unless you want to be put in an awkward position or fired, you should keep all the details of your job search private. If your cell phone was issued by your employer, you should consider it company property and make job search-related calls from your home or a personal device. If you’re looking for a job in the South End, check out our jobs page. Social media DO include a link to your LinkedIn profile if it will present you in professional manner. Go over it carefully before you share this information with a prospective employer. You’ll want to make sure that anything you’re writing will complement your resume. DON’T share your personal Facebook or other social network links if they may contain anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable seeing on a billboard in the middle of your city. Something you or a friend posted as a private joke may not seem very amusing to a hiring manager and could cost you a job offer. Err on the side of keeping your private life private. Employment gaps DO deal with any lengthy gaps in your employment history directly. If you took a year off from work to travel, for example, include that so that the employer can fill in this blank easily. DON’T leave a blank space […]


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Police Continue to Hunt for Clues as Explosions Leave Three Dead, Dozens Injured

Law enforcement officials are searching for who is responsible for detonating two explosives that killed three people and injured up to 125 near the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Moments after two explosions occurred on Boylston Street Monday afternoon, panicked runners and spectators began fleeing Copley Square as police quickly cleared the area and locked down the Back Bay.  “All of a sudden everyone turned around and was running in the opposite direction,” said Mary Bickford, 21, of Abington. Bickford was near the finish line when the bombs denoated. “All the runners, all the people cleared out, and police were going toward the finish line.” Near the finish line, several survivors lay injured, some who had limbs torn off in the explosions. Others were crying as they took in the chaotic scene and first responders rushed in.  Several victims, including an 8-year-old boy who died, were children. Childrens Hospital reported that those treated there included a 9-year-old girl, a 7-year-old boy, a 12-year-old, and a 2-year-old, the Boston Globe reported.  Mass General Hospital said it was treating eight patients in critical condition. Police were stationed at the entrances to the hospital. Brigham and Women’s Hospital received the most, with 26 treated, including two in critical condition, according to the Globe report. Monday night police were questioning a “person of interest” who was among the victims there.  As victims were rushed to area hospitals, police from Boston and surrounding towns not near Copley Square were assembling on the Boston Common to discuss how to proceed.   Around 4 p.m., about an hour and a half after the two explosions, the Boston Police bomb squad staged a controlled blast.  Early Monday evening the FBI said “the situation remains fluid and itremains too early to establish the cause and motivation.”  The FBI has issued a national tip line for any information related to today’s bombings. Anyone with information can call 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324), and select prompt #3. “No piece of information or detail is too small,” wrote the FBI in the release. The Park Plaza Castle will again serve as a resource center on Tuesday. Residents and runners can go there for counseling services, to arrange for shelter, find runner belongings and other services. When asked if the explosions were a terrorist act, Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis said, “We’re not being definitive on this right now, but you can reach your own conclusions based on what happened.” At a press conference Monday night, President Barack Obama said, “We still do not know who did this or why. People shouldn’t jump to conclusions until we have all the facts… We will find out who did this and […]


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Menino: ‘I Will Leave the Job That I Love’

After 20 years of serving as mayor of Boston, Mayor Thomas M. Menino officially announced on Thursday he would not seek re-election. Menino, who after two decades is the city’s longest-serving mayor, announced his decision in front of a large crowd of family, friends and supporters at Faneuil Hall’s Great Hall.  “I am here with the people I love, to tell the city I love, that I will leave the job that I love,” Menino said. “I can run, I can win, and I can lead, but not ‘in-the-neighborhoods-all-the-time,’ as I like,” he said.  Menino said that over the last few months, his health has greatly improved, but he’s not still up to his normal pace and not able to spend the amount of time in the neighborhoods that he’s used to. “I miss hitting every event, ribbon cutting, new homeowner dinner,” he said. “Spending so much time in the neighborhoods gives me energy… It may not be the only way to lead Boston, but it’s the only way for me.” Menino said he feels humbled and grateful to have served as mayor of Boston “during its best days.” “Boston is the greatest city on earth,” he said. “It is a buzzing, amazing, history-making place. It gets better every day because of you, and as long as you work together, that will never change.”  SOUTH END PATCH: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail Updates South End Patch


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