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Mayor Menino to Pen Memoirs


By: David Ertischek

Boston's longest-serving Mayor Thomas Menino has tapped writer Jack Beatty to assist him in writing his memoirs scheduled for rel
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Menino Back Sleeping at Hyde Park Home


By: David Ertischek

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is back to sleeping at his Readville home after recuperating for several months at the Parkman House on Beac
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Connolly Rails on Boston Redevelopment Authority and Menino

Boston City Councilor and mayoral candidate John Connolly had some harsh words for the Boston Redevelopment Authority and outgoing Mayor Thomas Menino.

“Although we have thrived from a development perspective, we are trapped in a system that puts the focus on who you know rather than the merit of your project,” Connolly said at a candidates forum, according to the Boston Herald. “That’s what we need to break and that’s the transparency — we need transparent decision-making within the BRA.”

Connolly made the comments during a development-oriented candidates’ forum hosted by the Boston Society of Architects on Wednesday morning.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

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Things to Know in the South End Today: Mayor Menino Hosts Coffee Hour [Updated: Cancelled]

In this file photo, Mayor Menino speaks with JP residents during a "Coffee Hour" in Jamaica Plain's Mozart Park.

1. Weather: The National Weather Service is predicting a cloudy day, with a high near 70 degrees, and a 70 percent chance of showers, including a possible thunderstorm. 

2. Coffee with Menino: Mayor Menino was slated to be in the South End today to host a neighborhood coffee hour this morning, but the event has been cancelled due to weather. The mayor will be in Mattapan tomorrow for another coffee hour. See here for more information. 

3. New Public Art: On Friday morning, the South End will get a new public art installation at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Brookline artist and resident Tony Lopes commissioned a 12-foot tall stainless steel and bronze sculpture, designed by Medford-based artist David Phillips. Titled “Dancing with Spheres,”  the sculpture will be unveiled at the League’s dog play yard at 10 Chandler Street on Friday, May 31 at 2 p.m. See here for more information.

4. Skin cancer screening: Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital (1153 Centre St.) is offering a free skin cancer screening on Wednesday, May 29 from 5-7 p.m. The screening is open to all residents who have not seen a dermatologist in more than a year. Appointments are required and can be made by calling the Community Health and Wellness Department at 617-983-7451.  read more


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Menino Endorses Markey as ‘There When We Need Him’

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino endorses Democratic U.S. Senate special election nominee Edward Markey at a rally in Dorchester Friday.

Calling him a friend to his city and state, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino endorsed Democratic U.S. Senate special election nominee Congressman Edward Markey in Dorchester on Friday morning.

Speaking at a rally at the International Brotherhood of Eletrical Workers Local 103, Menino, a Democrat, said Markey has been with the city “at every corner.”

Menino said Markey helped the city receive more Homeland Security funding, has been “out front” on gun control and sustainability.

“He’s there for us all the time,” Menino said.

Markey welcomed the endorsement, calling Menino “America’s greatest mayor” and a “transformative figure” for Boston and Massachusetts.

“He has taken Boston and truly made it that shining beacon on a hill,” Markey said. “His name might be Tom Meni-NO, but he says ‘Yes’ to anything that makes Boston a greater city.”  read more


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Menino Having Prostate Surgery on Friday

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is scheduled to have surgery later this week at Brigham and Women’s Hospital to reduce his enlarged prostate.

“This Friday Mayor Menino is having elective surgery to correct a very common issue among men of his age. The elective surgery will take a few hours and require a few days in the hospital and some recovery at home,” said Dot Joyce, press secretary for Boston. “The Mayor is expected to make a full and complete recovery. The Mayor and his family thank you again for your tremendous outpouring of support and concern and wants to reassure everyone that he will be fine.” 

The mayor’s primary care physician, Dr. Charles Morris said the surgery would shrink the mayor’s prostate in an effort to give him a better ability to empty his bladder, he told the Globe.

And Morris wanted to make it clear Menino’s surgery is not due to prostate cancer, he told the Globe, “This is being done for a benign, harmless condition that, nevertheless, causes symptoms that are noxious and unpleasant.” read more


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Mayor Menino: Don’t Let Candidates ‘Tear This School System Down’

Boston Mayor Tom Menino speaks at a ribbon cutting for a new playground at Harvard/Kent Elementary School in Charlestown. Menino cautioned residents not to allow candidates in the mayoral race to "tear down" the public school system during their campaigns.

Mayor Tom Menino cautioned Boston residents not to focus on negative portrayals of the Boston Public School system as the city’s mayoral race heats up.

Speaking at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new playground at Harvard-Kent Elementary School in Charlestown on May 10, Menino touted the progress public schools have made in recent years and asked residents not to allow anyone to “tear this school system down” in the coming months.

“We’ve made a lot of progress in the Boston Public Schools in the last several years. It’s because of a lot of reasons—teachers, principals, the superintendent, the community—and I tell you, the graduation rate is up, dropout rates are down, more kids are going on to college,” Menino said.

He spoke of how the schools work to educate every child, from every background and learning level.

“Don’t let anybody over the next several months, as this campaign heats up, tear this school system down. This is a great school system. We’re not perfect, but with the new assignment plan we can make that happen,” Menino said. “To all of you out there: Stay positive about what’s happening in the schools. The most important thing we can do in our society today is to educate our children, and I think over the last few years we’ve done an incredible job. We have some ways to go. Don’t have this become an issue of tearing down the schools, because these kids out here are the future of our city.” read more


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Menino Sends Letter to Newtown

A letter from Boston mayor Thomas M. Menino:

Dear Selectman Llodra,

On behalf of the people of Boston I thank you and the people of Newtown for sending me the banner filled with signatures and words of prayer and support. All of us were very moved by this kind and thoughtful gesture. As such, we have proudly displayed the banner in the lobby of Boston City Hall for all to see and appreciate.

In the aftermath of the attack at the Boston Marathon, our city has been flooded with offers of support and prayers from around the world. None of them, however, meant as much as the banner you sent from Newtown. You know the darkest depths of tragedy, but you also know that unity, resilience and strength allow us to triumph over terror. Your community has inspired and comforted ours as we remember those whose lives were senselessly taken and care for the survivors and their families.

Once again, I thank you for your generosity and kindness. Rest assured Boston and Newtown stand together, not just during tough days but for all days. read more


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Menino To Host ‘Coffee Hour’ in the South End

Mayor Thomas M. Menino and the Boston Parks and Recreation Department will host the 15th annual Neighborhood Coffee Hour Series in local parks citywide from May 8 to June 3.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino and the Boston Parks and Recreation Department will host the 15th annual Neighborhood Coffee Hour Series in local parks citywide from May 8 to June 3. 

The South End meetup will be held Wednesday, May 29 at Ringgold Park, from 9:30-10:30 a.m.

The open hour is an opportunity to speak directly with the mayor about open space and other needs in their neighborhoods. Through these one-on-one discussions and a suggestion box at each site, Mayor Menino is looking to hearing how the city of Boston can improve upon local parks, public areas, and city services, the city said.

All participants will enjoy coffee and breakfast treats provided by Dunkin’ Donuts and fresh fruit from Whole Foods Market. In addition, each family in attendance will receive a flowering plant grown in the city’s greenhouses as a gift from the mayor. Residents at the event will also be eligible to win a raffle prize package including a Dunkin’ Donuts gift basket.        read more


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Menino: Stop Terror List Suspects from Buying Weapons

Mayor Menino



Boston Mayor Thomas Menino wants to know how one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects was able to get a weapon, despite being on a federal terror watch list. 

“Right now there are thousands of people on terror watch lists who are considered too dangerous to fly on a plane, but when it comes to buying an assault weapon — no problem. It’s crazy,” said Menino to the Boston Herald.

Menino, one of the co-founders of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, said there are glaring loopholes in our federal gun laws, calling it the “Terror Gap”, which enabled Tamerlan Tsarnaev, to get his hands on weapons. Menino said current loopholes allow individuals on terror watch lists to pass background checks to purchase guns legally. 

But some detractors do point out that Tsarnaev did not purchase weapons legally, so it doesn’t matter if he was on a list or not.

According to the Government Accountability Office, individuals on terror watch lists tried to buy guns and explosives 1,453 times between Feb. ’04 and Dec. ’10. And a staggering 91 percent of the time, or 1,321 occasions – the FBI could not block gun or explosives being sold to suspected terrorists. read more


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