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Cooking the Budget: Bake Your Way to a Lower Grocery Bill

Grown a garden and reap the rewards through winter with simple freezer-friendly recipes. Photo by Sarah Cocchimiglio.

Take a bite out of your grocery bill and preserve the flavors of summer through winter with these simple recipes.
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Posted by Massachusetts Legal Resources - August 20, 2013 at 5:56 pm

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Q&A: Bill Walczak – More Charters, Bike Lanes, and Community Involvement

Bill Walczak and supporters with his

Bill Walczak founded the Codman Square Health Center and the Codman Academy Charter Public School – and he'd like your vote for mayor.
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Lawmakers Respond to Meningitis Outbreak with New Bill


By: Jake O'Donnell 

Beacon Hill lawmakers have introduced a new bill with stricter regulations for state compounding pharmacies following South End Patch News


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Welfare Reform Bill Introduced on Beacon Hill

Those who qualify for Disaster SNAP assistance will be able to use Electronic Benefit Transfer cards at grocery stores.

State Senate Democrats have introduced a new bill this week intended at reforming the Massachusetts welfare system, including forcing applicants to prove they have searched for employment through a state program.

According to, the bill is aimed at shaking up what Senate President Therese Murray called a “stagnant” system. And the Senate expects to act quickly with a vote coming Thursday. reported the bill would also force adult welfare recipients to use EBT cards with “photographic identity.” Penalties of perjury could be imposed on recipients who use a false identity.

In a statement, Republican Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr said the bill “reflects a comprehensive approach that seeks to transition recipients away from dependence on welfare programs and towards sustainable economic independence.”

However, Tarr said that while the bill addresses issues of fraud and abuse, it “does not contain additional reforms that were offered during Senate budget deliberations.” read more


Posted by Massachusetts Legal Resources - June 19, 2013 at 9:29 pm

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Patrick Signs Bill to Appoint Sean Collier to Somerville Police Department

Officer Sean Collier

Sean Collier, who authorities say was killed by the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects, will soon realize his dream of becoming a Somerville police officer.

Gov. Deval Patrick signed a bill Tuesday allowing the city of Somerville to appoint Collier postumously to the city’s police force, according to WHDH.

Collier, a Somerville resident, was serving as an MIT police officer when, on April 18, he was allegedly shot to death by the suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Jackie Rossetti, a spokesperson for the city of Somerville, said Tuesday afternoon the city was planning a ceremony for Collier’s appointment to the Somerville Police Department, but no date had been set. She said the city was in the process of working with Collier’s family to make those plans.

According to WHDH, Somerville State. Sen. Patricia Jehlen, who co-sponsored the home rule petition allowing the postumous appointment, said, “While nothing we do can bring Collier back, this posthumous appointment is a meaningful way to honor his memory and brave service.” read more


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See Your Own Tax Bill Under Patrick Budget Plan

The deadline to file tax returns isn't until April but taxpayers appear to be filing early and are already asking, Where's my tax refund?"

In an effort to further promote his proposed $ 34.8 billlion budget, Gov. Deval Patrick this week rolled out an online tool that would help families see the effect his plan would have on their bottom line.

The tool was released less than a week after Patrick unveiled 400 online maps showing what each district would receive in transportation and education benefits under his tax plan. 

“We are proposing meaningful investments in education and transportation, and people want to know what that means for them,” Patrick said. “Last week, with the maps, we showed what long-postponed projects would get done in each community. Now, with this tool, we show just what the costs or savings will be for individual households.”

The program not only lets users enter their income information to see how their tax bill would change, it also allows them to develop their own tax reform proposal and see how it would alter their net income. read more


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