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Patrick Makes Good on Stanley Cup Wager in Chicago

Gov. Deval Patrick (center) volunteers at the Greater Chicago Food Depository Tuesday after losing his Stanley Cup wager. (Credit: @MassGovernor on Twitter)

Massachusetts governor volunteered at the Greater Chicago Food Depository Tuesday.
South End Patch News


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Patrick, Legislature in Tax Hike Standoff


By: Jake O'Donnell

Gov. Deval Patrick's grandiose plans for new spending on transportation appear to be dead in the water, at least if Beacon Hill legis
South End Patch News


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Gov. Patrick Won’t Support Latest Transportation Finance Plan


By: Bret Silverberg

Gov. Deval Patrick said he would not support a new transportation finance plan that would create $ 500 million in new taxes.

South End Patch News


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Gov. Patrick on Manhunt Aftermath: “I Got Drunk”

Gov. Deval Patrick.

People on the streets of Boston weren’t the only ones drinking following the arrest of the lone living Boston Marathon bombing suspect April 19.

Gov. Deval Patrick had a few rounds himself, according to the Boston Herald.

The Herald reports that Patrick drove to Rouge, a bistro in West Stockbridge, Mass. Saturday, April 20, the day after authorities captured suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in a boat in Watertown, where he dined alone and was served numerous alcoholic beverages.

“By the end of the meal I was actually quite drunk, by myself,” he is quoted as saying in the paper.

Patrick offered candid insight into his decision making during the manhunt, the “shelter-in-place” order and the aftermath in a Q&A session hosted by HubSpot, a Cambridge marketing firm Wednesday.

Patrick detailed discussions he had with President Barack Obama, the reasoning behind a decision to let the FBI run the investigation and the admission that he wasn’t sure when (or if) the situation would be resolved. read more


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Patrick Signs Bill to Appoint Sean Collier to Somerville Police Department

Officer Sean Collier

Sean Collier, who authorities say was killed by the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects, will soon realize his dream of becoming a Somerville police officer.

Gov. Deval Patrick signed a bill Tuesday allowing the city of Somerville to appoint Collier postumously to the city’s police force, according to WHDH.

Collier, a Somerville resident, was serving as an MIT police officer when, on April 18, he was allegedly shot to death by the suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Jackie Rossetti, a spokesperson for the city of Somerville, said Tuesday afternoon the city was planning a ceremony for Collier’s appointment to the Somerville Police Department, but no date had been set. She said the city was in the process of working with Collier’s family to make those plans.

According to WHDH, Somerville State. Sen. Patricia Jehlen, who co-sponsored the home rule petition allowing the postumous appointment, said, “While nothing we do can bring Collier back, this posthumous appointment is a meaningful way to honor his memory and brave service.” read more


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Murray to Resign June 2; Patrick Calls Him ‘Outstanding Partner’

Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Tim Murray and Gov. Deval Patrick speak at a Wednesday press conference at the State House where Murray announced his resignation.

Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Tim Murray said none of the controversies that have dogged him during his tenure on Beacon Hill contributed to his decision to announce his resignation.

In a press conference at the State House Wednesday, Murray said his final day on the job will be June 2. The next day he will take over as president and CEO of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce where his salary will reportedly be around $ 200,000.

In January, Murray said he had no intention of running for governor when Gov. Deval Patrick’s term expires in January 2015.

“This has been a very difficult but empowering decision,” Murray said. “It has been an honor to serve as lieutenant governor.”

Patrick called Murray an “outstanding partner” during his time in the corner office. Among the accomplishments Patrick touted were his work with the homeless and on domestic violence as well as working closely with government leaders in cities and towns. read more


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Gov. Patrick Seeks Federal Relief for Businesses in Blast Zone

The Boston Fire Department released this image of a deserted Boylston Street at noon on Tuesday.

Gov. Deval Patrick appealed to a federal administration today to get relief for the business impacted by the Boston Marathon bombings.

Patrick sent a letter to the U.S. Small Business Administration requesting that the administration issue an Economic Injury Declaration for Suffolk County so that long term/low interest SBA loans may be available to the affected businesses and private non-profit organizations, according to a press statement from the governor’s office Friday.

Numerous businesses on Boylston and its cross streets were forced to stay closed from April 15 to April 24 or 25 because a 12-block area surrounding the bombing site was considered a crime scene by the FBI.

In order to receive this federal assistance, the Commonwealth must show that businesses were negatively impacted and suffered substantial economic injury, according to Patrick’s statement.

“Requesting this federal aid will help Boston and the Commonwealth recover faster from the tragic events that unfolded at the Marathon,” Patrick said in the statement. “I urge the Small Business Administration to approve our request quickly to help the small businesses that keep our Commonwealth strong rebuild.” read more


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Patrick Addresses Hundreds at Rally to Support His Budget Plan [VIDEO]

Gov. Patrick addresses a rally in the State House in support of his tax plan.

Hundreds of people bused in from across the state packed into a State House auditorim Tuesday morning to rally in support of Gov. Deval Patrick’s tax plan, which they say is critical to make much-needed improvements in education and transportation infrastructure. 

The rally, which was organized by Campaign for our Communities, a coalition of over 120 organizations across the commonwealth, ended with attendees heading off to the offices of their representatives, urging them to vote for Patrick’s plan.

The governor’s $ 34.8 billion budget proposal calls for an increase in the income tax from 5.25 percent to 6.25 percent and the elimination of 44 deductions coupled with a decrease in the sales tax from 6.25 percent to 4.5 percent and a doubling of personal exemption. 

Patrick said at Tuesday’s rally that the time had come to speak as “grown-ups, in a fact-based way, about taxes, because taxes are the price of civilization.”  read more


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See Your Own Tax Bill Under Patrick Budget Plan

The deadline to file tax returns isn't until April but taxpayers appear to be filing early and are already asking, Where's my tax refund?"

In an effort to further promote his proposed $ 34.8 billlion budget, Gov. Deval Patrick this week rolled out an online tool that would help families see the effect his plan would have on their bottom line.

The tool was released less than a week after Patrick unveiled 400 online maps showing what each district would receive in transportation and education benefits under his tax plan. 

“We are proposing meaningful investments in education and transportation, and people want to know what that means for them,” Patrick said. “Last week, with the maps, we showed what long-postponed projects would get done in each community. Now, with this tool, we show just what the costs or savings will be for individual households.”

The program not only lets users enter their income information to see how their tax bill would change, it also allows them to develop their own tax reform proposal and see how it would alter their net income. read more


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Patrick Budget Eliminates 44 Tax Deductions

Gov. Deval Patrick

A recent analysis of Gov. Deval Patrick’s proposed budget finds that it eliminates 44 tax breaks that benefit a large slice of Massachusetts taxpayers.

Patrick’s $ 34.8 billion FY2014 budget includes not only a 1 percentage point hike in the income tax – from 5.25 percent to 6.25 percent – but the end of such deductions such as the capital gains from the sale of a person’s primary home, college tuition, and contributions to a health savings account.

The analysis, by the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, found that the eliminations would raise an additional $ 1 billion for the commonwealth.

But Patrick’s assistant secretary for fiscal policy, Gregory R. Mennis, told The Republican that that amount would be offset by the doubling of personal exemptions, which benefit all taxpayers. 

Another key aspect of Patrick’s plan is the lowering of the sales tax from 6.25 percent to 4.5 percent. read more


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