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After Earth in Local Theaters Today (Sponsored)

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After Earth, in theaters now, promises to be the movie event of the summer – and how could it not be, with Will Smith and his son Jaden starring as stranded space rangers—one still in training—on the unrecognizable planet Earth 1,000 years in the future.

All grown up since the last time he shared the screen with his dad in The Pursuit of Happyness, Jaden plays a teenager named Kitai Raige, who reaches out to the father he never knew, a legendary ranger named Cypher, for a little guidance. An interplanetary mission meant to be a bonding experience ends in a crash that injures Cypher, leaving Kitai alone on the ground to survive with some help from dad. Some lessons, like how to escape a blood-thirsty alien and act like a man, are best left to dad to teach, and make you realize every day is father’s day.

Directed and co-written by M. Night Shyamalan, After Earth offers a classic coming-of-age tale with mind-blowing special effects and acting to match. So grab your cozy sweatshirt and prepare for the ultimate father-son adventure! read more


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How Can We Make Every Day Earth Day? (Sponsored)

Kevin Barry, owner of the Woodbury Saw and Mower business in Woodbury, CT, wears his beekeeper equipment as he demonstrates how to become a beekeeper, his other business. He is holding a sample beehive panel from one of the many beekeeper starter kits he is selling at the Woodbury Earth Day Event on April 27, 2013.  Credit: Paula Antolini

Very few events are celebrated around the globe, but Earth Day is. This year, it’s come and gone. But we’re here to ask: What can we do to show our love of the earth on that day, and every day?

On May 31st, Sony will release After Earth, an action-packed movie that takes place 1,000 years after cataclysmic events forced humanity to leave. It’s the kind of scenario that makes you want to donate to Greenpeace, recycle everything, and start biking every where, immediately. So, in honor of Earth Day, Patch has teamed up with Sony to present these ideas for making every day Earth Day.

How can we make every day Earth Day?

Begin with little things. Easy things. Obvious things. Things we take for granted each day, and use and/or abuse because of our lack of knowledge. Let’s start there. Remember that children learn from what we do.

There are some wonderful family activities you can do together while learning about the environment. Make a “to do” list and make it fun! Do as many hands-on projects as you can each day to help save the earth in little ways. Have the children keep a chart or journal about everything they do. read more


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Every Day is Earth Day: Plant the Seeds, Inspire Children

Earth Day was on April 22, and was celebrated across the entire world. What can we do to show our love of the earth on that day, and every day?    

Love begins in the home and so does the love for our earth. If you teach your children to respect the earth on every level, they will continue to realize the global impact of environmentalism when they become adults. This is important for the sustainability of life as we know it.  

Perhaps we can set off that spark in a child, making them want to learn more about the process and do more to help. If we’ve done our part, they might strive to become an environmentalist—professionally or at heart. Inspire children, plant the seeds early on, and they will flourish. 

We all strive to do “acts of kindness” for our neighbors, to cement better relations locally or worldwide—but perhaps we also need to do “acts of environmental kindness” too, to save our planet.   read more


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