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Clover Reopens After Salmonella Scare


As many as 12 people who ate at Clover were sickened by salmonella, although officials have not yet officially pinpointed the source.
South End Patch News


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State Welfare Names New Head Official After Critical Reports

Massachusetts State House

The state welfare agency has officially named its new commissioner in the wake of a scandal in which payments to dead people were rendered.

The Boston Herald reports Stacey Monahan has been named the new commissioner of the Department of Transitional Assistance. She had been an interim commissioner since Daniel Curley resigned in February after an Inspector General report cited broad overpayments. The February report said fraudulent welfare payments have cost taxpayers $ 25 million per year.

Auditor Suzanne Bump released a report in May which says the agency has paid benefits to 1,164 people who received benefits after they had died, according to

Monahan has served as the executive director of the Massachusetts Democratic Party and is the former chief of staff for the Executive Office of Health and Human Services.

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After Earth in Local Theaters Today (Sponsored)

After Earth, in theaters now, promises to be the movie event of the summer – and how could it not be, with Will Smith and his son Jaden starring as stranded space rangers—one still in training—on the unrecognizable planet Earth 1,000 years in the future.

All grown up since the last time he shared the screen with his dad in The Pursuit of Happyness, Jaden plays a teenager named Kitai Raige, who reaches out to the father he never knew, a legendary ranger named Cypher, for a little guidance. An interplanetary mission meant to be a bonding experience ends in a crash that injures Cypher, leaving Kitai alone on the ground to survive with some help from dad. Some lessons, like how to escape a blood-thirsty alien and act like a man, are best left to dad to teach, and make you realize every day is father’s day.

Directed and co-written by M. Night Shyamalan, After Earth offers a classic coming-of-age tale with mind-blowing special effects and acting to match. So grab your cozy sweatshirt and prepare for the ultimate father-son adventure! read more


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After Marathon Bombings, Walk for Hunger Fundraising, Registrations Slow

The Walk for Hunger is on May 5, 2013.

For Project Bread Executive Director Ellen Parker, April 15 to 19 was the week almost everything stopped.

In Boston, and in places around the country and world, life as usual stopped as the Boston Marathon bombings unfolded April 15, then came to a dramatic conclusion on April 19 with the death of one bombing suspect and the capture in Watertown of another. 

What also stopped that week? The steady flow of registrations and fundraising for Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger, scheduled for Sunday, May 5. The walk is the oldest continuously operating pledge walk in the country, raising money for anti-hunger programs in Massachusetts.

“We’re trying hard to regain some lost ground,” Parker said. 

Online fundraising for the walk is down 6 percent this year, said Parker, who noted fundraising efforts by walkers typically speed up starting in mid-April, and continue through the walk the first weekend in May. This year, the Marathon bombings meant people’s attention turned elsewhere during the usual ramp-up to the walk, she said. read more


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Dic Donohue Continues Recovery After Firefight with Bombing Suspects

Richard "Dic" Donohue.

The MBTA officer seriously hurt in a gunfight with the Boston Marathon bombing suspects continues to recover from life-threatening injuries.

Richard “Dic” Donohue, 33, was hit in the leg April 19 in Watertown, Mass., authorities said.

Donohue is a police officer with the Massachusetts Bay Tranportation Authority. His wife, Kim, is from Exeter and graduated from Exeter High School in 2000.

“Right now Dic is making amazing strides,” Kim wrote in a post on a Facebook page that Donohue’s family is using to give updates on his recovery.

Authorities said Donohue lost a massive amount of blood. At one point, he went into cardiac arrest, according to Dr. Russell Nauta, a doctor at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Mass. where Donohue is being treated.

A pair of Watertown firefighters were instrumental in getting Donohue to a hospital after he was shot.

The MBTA Transit Police Benevolent Fund Inc. created a website to collect donations for Donohue’s recovery. read more


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Months After Heart Transplant, Woman Seeks To Give Back

What's Your Mountain, Boston?



Jane Tecce has the unique perspective of having experienced both sides of being an organ donor. Years ago after her son’s death at the age of 24, his organs were donated so that others could have a new chance at life. Now, Tecce herself is still recovering from a heart transplant that she received some 16 months ago. She also received a kidney transplant at that time.

“My kids are starting to have kids now. I’m being a grammy. I can’t imagine not being here,” she said in a recent conversation with Tecce said that she was first diagnosed with heart disease about 12 years ago.

Tecce moved to Lynnfield two years ago and grew up in Wakefield, graduating from Wakefield Memorial High School. Her family owns Santoro’s in Peabody, she reported.

Her motivation to help spread the word about becoming an organ donor is not limited to just her own experiences. Tecce lost one brother, David, to heart disease when he was 51 and waiting for a heart transplant. A younger brother Jimmy, reportedly had a heart transplant in 2000 at Tufts and lived for eight years after that. read more


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Doctor Recalls Chaotic Scene in Medical Tent After Blasts

The Copley Square area completely deserted aside from police, firefighters and EMS.

Dr. Martin Levine was standing outside a medical tent on Boylston Street Monday afternoon, a half-block from the finish line, when he felt the violent force of the first blast. 

“Make way! We’re going to have casualties … we need room,” Levine yelled into the medical tent filled with hundreds of runners. 

The 62-year-old New Jersey resident had taken the day off from his sports and family medical practice in Bayonne, as he has done every year for the last 19 years, to work the finish line at the Boston Marathon. 

He usually spent the day tending to sprained ankles, knee pain, shin splints and other common distance running injuries.

But this year would be different.  

As the first explosion hit, Levine saw the plume of smoke rise from the crowd at the finish line and said he knew instantly that at least 35 to 40 people were injured.

Levine began running toward the injured as the second bomb went off and kept running. He thought there might be a third explosion, but he couldn’t stop. read more


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FBI: ‘No Imminent Threat’ After Marathon Bombings


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Mayor Menino ‘Resting Comfortably’ After Leg Surgery

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino underwent leg surgery on Saturday, April 13, 2013.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is recovering after undergoing surgery on Saturday to repair a leg fracture.

The injury occurred Friday while Menino was visiting a school in Dorchester. The mayor twisted his ankle and fractured his distal fibula—the smaller of two bones in his lower right leg, 7 News Boston reported.

Menino underwent surgery Saturday morning at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The surgery involved the placement of a plate and screws to fix the broken bone, 7 News reported.

The mayor sent out an update on his Twitter account on Monday at around noon, writing: “Thanks to all for well wishes. Surgery to repair fracture of distal fibula went well & without complication. Mayor is resting comfortably.”

Menino will be wearing a walking boot and will require the use of crutches for a few months, 7 News reported.

There was no official word on when the mayor will be released from the hospital. read more


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Ten Ways to Get Started with Yoga After an Injury

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been approached or have had conversations with people in class about how to best get started back with yoga after an injury. This also applies to starting yoga for the first time after an injury. I thought this would make a good topic for my next column.

Maybe you’re reading this and like one of the people I spoke with, you’re afraid you’ll get hurt again. Maybe you have a memory of how fit you once were and now, faced with your injured body, you’re frustrated and feel there is no way you’ll be able to taste that feeling of strength and flexibility again. Maybe you have “good days” and “bad days” and have just given up on the idea of doing anything physical.

The good news is yoga is the perfect exercise to do in instances like this. Why? Because yoga poses and sequences can be modified to fit just about anyone’s body and physical condition. Yoga’s intensity and be increased or decreased depending on the pace, the poses selected, the use of props and the sequence offered. Here are some tips for getting started back or getting started for the first time: read more


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