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Boston, Massachusetts Communities to Hold Moment of Silence Monday for Marathon Victims

Boston Marathon vigil attendees light candles at the conclusion of an interfaith service at Arlington Street Church on Tuesday, April 16, 2013.


The city of Boston and communities throughout Massachusetts are being asked to join in a moment of silence on Monday at 2:50 p.m.—the time the two bombs went off, within about 10 seconds of one another, near the finish line of the 117th annual Boston Marathon.

The minute of silence at 2:50 p.m. will honor the victims and families of those injured and killed by the terrorist attacks. Following the moment of silence, bells throughout Boston and the state will ring, according to a statement from Boston Mayor Tom Menino’s office.

“Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Governor Deval L. Patrick and One Fund Boston are calling upon Boston and all communities across the Commonwealth to join together in a Moment of Silence Monday afternoon, exactly one week following the Boston Marathon bombings,” the statement reads.

Individuals are encouraged to continue donating to the One Fund Boston, which will support the victims of the bombings. Visit to learn more. read more


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Group Aims to Hold ‘Last Mile’ Run/Walk from Kenmore to Finish Line on Saturday

"Ruckers" run the Marathon with 40-pound packs on April 15, 2013. Here they are in Kenmore Square, a mile before the finish line. A group is trying to hold a "Last Mile" run on Saturday for those who were not able to complete the course before the Marathon shut down.


If you were one of the runners forced to end your Marathon early because of the bombings — or someone who just wants to show solidarity — a group is working to let you go “The Last Mile” on Saturday.

Organizers are using Facebook to let people know of the effort. Here’s how they put it:

So, as you have all heard by now, some coward likes to blow up trash cans. In doing so, this person or persons have hindered many from accomplishing something they have been training very hard to do over the past year. This is simple, we are going to Kenmore Square to finish the race for those who ran, and for those who can never run again. Share this with your friends, your families, your enemies, and anyone in between. Come join us and run, jog, walk, limp, wheel, or crawl that last mile.

Organizers say they aren’t sure if they can get the proper permits in time. They also say that, clearly, if the stretch is still a crime scene they don’t want people jogging through and getting themselves arrested. read more


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Should South End Residents Get to ‘Hold’ Their Parking Spots?

Space-saver on the Arborway.

In the wake of the Blizzard of 2013, parking has become unbelievably difficult between the city’s parking ban, the shrinking of streets to one-lane roads, and the 10-or-more-foot high and five-foot deep piles of snow that line the streets.

Bostonians all know of the tradition in the city that when you shovel out a parking spot, you can “hold” that parking spot with a chair, trash barrel or other object for up to 48 hours after the parking ban ends. 

Proponents say that the ban encourages people to do a good job clearing out their spot, knowing their hard work won’t go to waste as soon as they move their car.

Opponents say that you can’t claim a parking spot as “yours” just because you parked there before the blizzard. 

What’s your personal policy? Is there anywhere to park, between the South End’s parking ban, the huge snow piles in the neighborhood, and the spot savers? Is it your right to a parking spot after you put in the sweat and manpower necessary to clear it out? Should the city do anything to discourage this behavior? read more


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