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Should 17-Year-Olds Be Tried as Juveniles? Lawmakers Vote Yes

If Gov. Deval Patrick signs off on the bill, 17 year olds in Massachusetts will be tried as juveniles.

Massachusetts is one of 11 states in which 17-year-olds are automatically tried as adults.
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Should the BRA Separate? City Council Candidates Weigh In

Fourteen of the 19 candidates running for four at-large seats on Boston City Council are pictured above. Not pictured: Francisco White, Frank Addivinola Jr., Keith Kenyon, Seamus Whelan and Althea Garrison. (Photos by Becca Manning)

By: Becca Manning

How would you change the Boston Redevelopment Authority?

Candidates for Boston City Council were asked that question at last week's South End Patch News


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Should the State Minimum Wage Be Increased?

The Massachusetts State House.

A packed hearing on Beacon Hill Tuesday dealt with the issue of possibly raising the mimimum wage for commonwealth workers, according to an Associated Press report posted on

While those in favor of the wage increase believe it to be about fairness and economic justice, the AP reported business groups said raising the minimum wage would make the state less competitive.

Prior to Tuesday, SEIU Local 509 Director of Communications Jason Stephany said in a statement the minimum wage in the state has been at $ 8 an hour since January 2008.

“Many jobs at large retail and restaurant chains pay so little that even full-time workers must rely on public assistance for the most basic necessities,” according to the statement. 

The Senate version of the bill is sponsored by Democrat Marc Pacheco of Taunton and would increase the minimum wage to $ 11 an hour by 2015, followed by an increase based on inflation with the Comsumer Price Index starting in 2016. read more


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Things You Should Leave Off Your Resume

Tips for what not to include on your resume.

Provided by

By Leslie Anglesey for Brazen Life

Your resume may only be a single page, but it’s a potential minefield when it comes to your career. On one hand, you want enough information so the employer sees what a stellar candidate you are. On the other, you don’t want to step into any pitfalls that will give the hiring manager reason to exclude you.

Here are the do’s and don’ts for writing each section of your resume: 


DO tell an employer about your skills and experience that are relevant to the position. Customize your resume for each position you’d like to pursue. A cookie-cutter approach to looking for work is less likely to be successful.

DON’T list every short-term job you’ve held. If you’ve worked at a number of temporary positions, it may look as though you have trouble holding a job. The exception is writing about a temporary job or internship that’s relevant to the position you’re applying for. read more


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Should Massachusetts Prosecute 17-Year-Olds as Adults?

The John Adams Courthouse in Boston is home to the Mass. Supreme Judicial Court.

Massachusetts is currently one of only 11 states that tries 17-year-olds as adults. A bill passed this week by the state’s House of Representatives would make these teenagers juvenile defenders, according to a report by 7News Boston. That will put the commonwealth in line with most other states, where adult court is reserved for individuals 18 and older.

The bill still allows the state to try 17-year-olds as adults in serious cases, like murders. But proponents hope the change will reduce cases of rape in the state’s prison system by keeping younger inmates away from older, stronger convicts. 

What do you think? Are we getting too soft on younger defendants? Or is this a justified, compassionate change to protect teenagers? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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Should Boston’s First Responders Get a Duck Boat Parade?

Boston’s run the gamut of emotions this week, from terror to sadness to perseverance and, finally, joy. Throughout the entire topsy turvy week, however, everyone said the same thing: Boston’s first responders did an outstanding job. From the injured at the finish line to the academics and public policy experts, an entire nation has lauded Boston’s police officers, firefighters, EMTs and medical professionals for their response to the bombing.

With the bombers now both accounted for, someone on Facebook got themselves a good idea: We’ve had Duck Boat parades for the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Patriots in the past 12 years. How about we crank up the Ducks and take to the streets to say thanks to the city’s first responders?

The Facebook page Duck Boat Parade for Boston First Responders was started Friday night just after the second bombing suspect was captured. By 9:45 a.m. Saturday morning, it already had 51,400 likes. This is an ide people can get behind. read more


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Should 17-Year-Olds be Tried as Juveniles or Adults?


At what age should teenagers be tried as adults when charged with a crime?

In Massachusetts, it’s anyone 17-years-old or older, but two bills currently on Beacon Hill seek to change that. 

It’s a law that journalists at Patch and elsewhere are well aware of, since we’ve answered emails and questions from people asking why a 17-year-old arrestee’s name had been printed in a police log report.

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 119, Section 52 defines only those 16 and younger as juveniles in the state’s court system. The makes the Bay State only one of 11 states that doesn’t classify 17-year-olds as juveniles.

Most states—38, to be exact—don’t treat alleged offenders as adults until they’ve reached 18-years-old. New York and North Carolina still try 16-year-olds as adults.

State representatives Brad Hill (R-Ipswich) and Kay Kahn (D-Newton) have each filed bills that would expand Massachusetts’ juvenile jurisdiction to 17, so only those who are 18 and older are tried and sentenced as adults. (The bills are House 3229 and House 1432, respectively.) read more


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Should Scott Brown Run for Senate in NH?

Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown.

Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) dropped a bombshell on Thursday night when he told reporters following a speech in Nashua that he wouldn’t rule out a run for Senate in New Hampshire.

“I’m not going to rule out anything right now,” he said. 

Brown, who represented Massachusetts in the Senate from 2009 to 2012, owns a vacation home in Rye, N.H., so it’s not that far fetched.

His announcement drew an immediate response from Democrats, who flooded the Twitterverse with comments and jokes about the former Massachusetts Senator’s prospects should he choose to take on incumbent Jeanne Shaheen in 2014.

What do you think? Should Scott Brown run for Senate in New Hampshire in 2014? Or should he stay in Massachusetts? Tell us in our comments section below.

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Vision for Vacancy: What Should Replace Sibling Rivalry?

The long time restaurant veteran of 525 Tremont Street, Sibling Rivalry, has closed its doors after nine years in business.

The restaurant served a blend of new American food with a “dueling chef” premise. 

“We will be officially closed as of April 2nd,” a sign on the door reads. “Thank you for your local support and memories these past nine years.”

What kind of business – restaurant or otherwise – would you like to see move into this space? A coffee shop? A lunch place? A bowling alley? If you’d like to see a new restaurant, what type do you think the South End needs most? Tell us in the comments. 

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Should Boston College Punish Students for Handing Out Condoms on Campus?

Some Boston College students are in hot water with the university this week. The Jesuit school sent the students letters threatening them with disciplinary action for handing out condoms on campus.

The students, who are part of the group Boston College Students for Sexual Health, were giving away condoms from their dorm rooms, according to The rooms were called “Safe sites.” But the school has a policy against the distribution of contraceptives on school grounds.

Representatives for the health group said the move comes as a surprise. The university has known about the program for years but did not act until now, according to organization chair Lizzie Jekanowski.

Boston College, meanwhile, said the move was made to help students realize their actions did not conform with the schools stated policies.

“We recognize that, as a reflection of society at large, many students do not agree with the Church’s position on these issues. However, we ask those who do not agree to be respectful of our position, and circumspect in their private affairs,” said BC spokesman Jack Dunn in a statement to read more


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