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CareOne Management, LLC, et al. v. NaviSite, Inc. (Lawyers Weekly No. 12-043-17)

COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS SUFFOLK, ss. SUPERIOR COURT. 1484CV00378-BLS2 1484CV00858-BLS2 ____________________ CAREONE MANAGEMENT, LLC and PARTNERS PHARMACY SERVICES, LLC v. NAVISITE, INC CONSOLIDATED WITH NAVISITE, INC v. CAREONE MANAGEMENT, LLC and PARTNERS PHARMACY SERVICES ____________________ MEMORANDUM AND ORDER ON MOTIONS FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT These consolidated lawsuits arise from the agreement by NaviSite, Inc., to develop and provide information technology services to CareOne Management, LLC and its affiliate Partners Pharmacy Services, LLC. NaviSite first contracted to provide an array of computerized services to CareOne. Several months later NaviSite contracted to provide a much more limited set of information technology services to Partners. After difficulties and disputes regarding implementation of its contract with CareOne, NaviSite threatened to and then did terminate both contracts. CareOne and Partners asserted various claims against NaviSite, which in turn sued CareOne. (NaviSite also sued Partners, but Judge Sanders dismissed those claims.) NaviSite and CareOne both move for summary judgment; NaviSite does so on all claims while CareOne’s motion is limited to NaviSite’s claims against it. The Court concludes that CareOne is entitled to summary judgment on the claims asserted against it by NaviSite, and that NaviSite is entitled to summary judgment on all claims asserted against it by CareOne and Partners. Final judgment will enter declaring the rights of the parties, with respect to the issues in controversy that CareOne and Partners identified in their claim for declaratory judgment, and dismissing all other claims with prejudice. 1. Background. 1.1. Undisputed Material Facts. The following are undisputed facts, as demonstrated in the evidentiary materials submitted by the parties or reasonable inferences that one could draw from those facts. The Court “must … draw all reasonable inferences” from the evidence presented “in favor of the nonmoving party,” as a jury or judicial fact finder would be free to do at trial. Godfrey v. Globe Newspaper Co., Inc., 457 Mass. 113, 119 (2010). It has done so. CareOne manages dozens of nursing homes. Partners operates commercial pharmacies that serve patients at more than 500 nursing homes, including those run by CareOne. These two companies are separate legal entities, though both were founded and are run by the same person. CareOne retained NaviSite in September 2012 to develop, implement, host, and operate new computing services to be used at all of CareOne’s nursing facilities. The system design was to include “virtual desktops” through which CareOne employees could access programs, applications, and data that NaviSite would host on servers located at its facilities. It also included other computer services that would be implemented and hosted by NaviSite. NaviSite agreed that it would transition CareOne from its current IT vendor and begin providing the agreed upon services using NaviSite’s servers no later than January […]


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