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When You Need to Paint the House (Sponsored)

It’s that time of year again and you’re outside, enjoying your yard. Then you start nosing around—maybe you’re inspecting your plants, or reviewing the condition of your lawn or setting up your sprinklers—and before you know it, reality hits.

You need to paint the house.  

A daunting task. An expensive task. A necessary task—because it’s not just about how your house looks, it’s about your home’s value. Neglect is not an option.

Take heart, however. Information and resources have never been more easily available to help you through this project.

Know Your Options
Your options are to either hire a contractor or paint it yourself. Hiring a contractor is an expensive option, but if it’s in your budget and you do the necessary research to find a quality contractor, you won’t regret it.

The best method to find a professional painter is word-of-mouth. Ask a neighbor who’s recently repainted, or go to a local paint store and ask for recommendations. You could also use a service such as the popular Angie’s List. Once you’ve contacted the painter, ask for references before you even bother getting a quote. read more


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