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South End Answers: Do You Need a Permit to Sell on the Street?

In this week’s column of “You Ask, Patch Answers,” a new feature where we find the answers to your questions, a South End reader asked about what’s required to sell t-shirts or food on the sidewalk. 

“Can people on just randomly sell stuff on the sidewalk?” she asked. 

According to the folks at City Hall, you need a hawker’s and peddlers license to be able to sell anything on the street, whether it’s t-shirts or food. On the city’s website, there’s some information about the different types of mobile vendors allowed, such as the three different types of food trucks and the permits necessary for operating one. Note: There are several, including verification from the city’s Inspectional Services Depatment and the Boston Fire Department, and a statewide Hawkers & Peddlers license that must then be approved by the Department of Public Works. You can read more on that here read more


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Menino Endorses Markey as ‘There When We Need Him’

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino endorses Democratic U.S. Senate special election nominee Edward Markey at a rally in Dorchester Friday.

Calling him a friend to his city and state, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino endorsed Democratic U.S. Senate special election nominee Congressman Edward Markey in Dorchester on Friday morning.

Speaking at a rally at the International Brotherhood of Eletrical Workers Local 103, Menino, a Democrat, said Markey has been with the city “at every corner.”

Menino said Markey helped the city receive more Homeland Security funding, has been “out front” on gun control and sustainability.

“He’s there for us all the time,” Menino said.

Markey welcomed the endorsement, calling Menino “America’s greatest mayor” and a “transformative figure” for Boston and Massachusetts.

“He has taken Boston and truly made it that shining beacon on a hill,” Markey said. “His name might be Tom Meni-NO, but he says ‘Yes’ to anything that makes Boston a greater city.”  read more


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When You Need to Paint the House (Sponsored)

It’s that time of year again and you’re outside, enjoying your yard. Then you start nosing around—maybe you’re inspecting your plants, or reviewing the condition of your lawn or setting up your sprinklers—and before you know it, reality hits.

You need to paint the house.  

A daunting task. An expensive task. A necessary task—because it’s not just about how your house looks, it’s about your home’s value. Neglect is not an option.

Take heart, however. Information and resources have never been more easily available to help you through this project.

Know Your Options
Your options are to either hire a contractor or paint it yourself. Hiring a contractor is an expensive option, but if it’s in your budget and you do the necessary research to find a quality contractor, you won’t regret it.

The best method to find a professional painter is word-of-mouth. Ask a neighbor who’s recently repainted, or go to a local paint store and ask for recommendations. You could also use a service such as the popular Angie’s List. Once you’ve contacted the painter, ask for references before you even bother getting a quote. read more


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Do You Need a Hand Shoveling in the South End?

James Augustine of Park Avenue shovels out from the blizzard on Monday.

Will you need shoveling out after the storm? Are you a student looking to make some money shoveling today or tomorrow?

If you know someone who needs shoveling or wants to offer shoveling, have them post in the comment section below! Hopefully we can help set something up for the folks who really need it.

South End Patch


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Donate Used Prom Dresses And Suits to Boston Teens in Need

Girls check out the gowns at an Operation PROM dress drive.

Think back to your own prom night. The feeling of getting dressed up and celebrating your senior year of high school with all your best friends was a pretty special, once-in-a-lifetime event. 

Now, picture what it feels like to desparately want to attend, but to be too short on money to buy a dress or a suit.

That’s what Deputy Superintendent Lisa Holmes of the Boston Police Department saw through her work in the Grove Hill community center and the Burke High School in Dorchester about five years ago. And that’s why she decided to start a prom dress drive.

“It came from working with young girls and hearing girls talking about how expensive it is and how many girls didn’t go to their proms because they couldn’t afford the experience, the dresses, the hair, the whole thing,” Deputy Holmes said.

Knowing that she and her friends would go to formal events, wear a dress once and leave it hanging in her closet, Holmes thought about asking her own friends to donate their gently used dresses so that girls in need could attend their prom. read more


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