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Longfellow Bridge to Be Rebuilt in Spring

MassDOT animation of Longfellow Bridge Rehabilitation Project.

The Longfellow Bridge, a historic link between Cambridge and Boston, will undergo a rehabilitation this spring, and the state department of transportation released a video outlining just how this will get done.

The bridge will be rebuilt in six phases, shown in this video published by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

The video – which MassDOT has set to some nice acoustic guitar strumming – breaks down each phase of the bridge repair in great detail.

Overall, the historical features will remain intact, and the structural deficiencies will be updated and brought to modern standards.

“In particular, the structural steel elements supporting the bridge deck have deteriorated and require upgrading, and the abutments will have to be modified slightly to allow the sidewalk approaches to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility guidelines,” according to a Feb. 27 MassDOT press release. read more


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Taylor Street ‘Stop Work’ Order Lifted, East Wall to Be Rebuilt

Landmark Commission member Christie Gamp, owner Ramy Rizkalla and commission member John Amodeo speak at the hearing.

The construction at 8-10 Taylor Street will go on, decided the South End Landmarks Commission on Tuesday night.

The wooden home is only one of two in the South End. It has faced controversy in the neighborhood since construction started several weeks ago, had its stop work order lifted after the commission’s review. The stop work order had been imposed due to the homeowner and contractor’s decision to take down an extra wall during the demolition process. That demolished east wall will be rebuilt based on preservation’s standards, the commission decided. 

“The mistake was that you didn’t call when the wall had to come down,” said commission chair Christie Gamp. “I can’t believe knowing the contentiousness of this project and the neighbors that that didn’t happen… It’s unbelievable for the neighbors and all we’ve worked for and to feel like we’re blindsided,” said Christie Gamp.  read more


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