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12 Tips for Healthier Grocery Shopping

Back in November of last year, my neighborhood of Charlestown lost its grocery store. As a result, instead of walking up the street and shopping in familiar surroundings, I’ve been relegated to shopping in a variety of locations, including some of the big superstore grocery chains. This has been an experience for me. Shopping in these big grocery stores is a chance to experience everything that frustrates me about the food industry; it’s loud, (can be) unhealthy, obnoxious and manipulative. Just look at the physical space when you walk in: it’s assaulting. Bright, loud and colorful, it’s meant to seduce you into buying things you don’t need. The busiest and often unhealthiest options are conveniently placed on the ends of the aisles or in the checkout area where you’ll be enticed to grab them. Healthy things are harder to find than unhealthy; inexpensive options are often at the bottom of the shelf, not at eye level. Now, having said that, there are redeeming qualities of these large chains. They have a huge produce section. Their stock is delivered regularly. They are open early and stay open late. They can offer discounts at checkout. As soon as you start to open your eyes to what’s happening in the grocery store, you can be better armed to shop smart. Please know that this is not just about big grocery store chains; the natural food chains, while much more mindful, have their own set of challenges (that’s a different article). But the idea here is to recognize that these big store chains do not have your health in mind; they only have their revenue in mind. The more you spend on things you don’t need, the better for them. So, you’re going to turn the tables on that paradigm and shop smarter and win. Here’s how: Avoid shopping when you’re rushed and on weekends. Stress leads to impulsive, unhealthy purchases. When you shop rushed or when the store is typically packed, you’ll be tempted to buy things you don’t need and things that are unhealthy. I’d rather spend a little more on a healthy take-out dinner and shop the next day over shopping last minute. Avoid shopping when you’re hungry. When you’re hungry, you’re more likely to buy things that will satisfy cravings versus sustain you. Wait until your tank is full before hitting the aisles. Shop the outside more than the inside. This is an old trick but worth repeating. The “live” stuff is in the produce section; the “fake” stuff is in the aisles. If you’ve got concerns about spending money on produce you can’t eat quickly enough, stick to frozen vegetables and use the produce […]


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