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Share Your Boston Biking Tips With NYT Map

Do you know where to bike in Boston? Do you know where not to?

Do you have advice for fellow cyclists about where you pedal in and around Boston?
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Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe From the Heat This Summer


From the ASPCA:

For many people, nothing beats lounging in the backyard on the Fourth of July with good friends and family — including the four-legged members of the household.

While it may see
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10 Tips for Adjusting to Heated Yoga Classes in Summer

Do this stretch first thing!

I’ve been practicing heated yoga for 13 years. I’ve mixed in other styles as well, including those that don’t involve heat, and I can say I enjoy both and find both effective.

However, I will admit that once it starts to get hot outside, I need to make adjustments in my practice so I can practice comfortably in a heated class.

In the past few weeks, the weather here in Boston has started to shift to warmer temperatures. With that, as expected, I’ve had an increase in questions from students about how to practice safely in a heated studio. They’ve also had some questions about experiences in their body that they don’t normally feel when it’s cold out.

If you’re practicing heated yoga in the warmer summer months, here are 10 tips to help you adjust safely:

1. The water you drink before class is just as important as drinking water after class. Many of us don’t think about additional hydration in the summer months and keep our same routine of liquid intake and then hop into the hot studio. In the warmer months, with increased sweating even before you arrive, you need to replace that hydration before you start class. read more


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Tips for Finding the Right Personal Trainer

Personal Training Institute Trainer Kristen Welfel

Do you lack the motivation to exercise on your own? Would you like to design your own exercise program? Do you have specific exercise goals? If so, hiring a personal trainer may be just what you need.

A personal trainer will design the right workout plan to help you set and meet your goals. In addition, a personal trainer will teach you proper techniques, keeping you safe from injury and helping you get the most out of your workout.

AOL Health offers some tips on selecting a personal trainer: 

Finding a trainer: Contact your local gym or fitness center, which often offer personal training packages for an additional fee. Look for trainers online, in your local newspaper or Yellow Pages. Some trainers may be willing to travel to your home. (But you should be sure to conduct a background check on these professionals.)

Try out a trainer. Ask for a list of trainers at your gym, and then observe them to see if you like how they interact with their clients. Get a referral from a friend or other gym members. You can often buy one session and see if the trainer is a good fit for you.  read more


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Boston Schools Superintendent Shares Tips for Talking with Kids about Marathon Bombing

Boston Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Carol Johnson

In the aftermath of Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing, Boston Public Schools Superintendent Carol R. Johnson sent a letter to staff and families of students titled, “Talking with Children about Tragedies,” that was shared via the Warren-Prescott School newsletter on Tuesday morning.

In the newsletter, Warren-Prescott Principal Michele Davis wrote: “Our sincere thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by yesterday’s events. Our own Melissa Shea ran the Boston Marathon yesterday and her family was among the spectators. I am relieved to report that Melissa and her family are safe.”

Davis asked that anyone with information about other Warren-Prescott families that may have been affected by the bombing to contact her at

Boston Public Schools are closed this week for April Vacation.

Below is Johnson’s letter:


Dear BPS families and friends, read more


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12 Tips for Healthier Grocery Shopping

Back in November of last year, my neighborhood of Charlestown lost its grocery store. As a result, instead of walking up the street and shopping in familiar surroundings, I’ve been relegated to shopping in a variety of locations, including some of the big superstore grocery chains.

This has been an experience for me. Shopping in these big grocery stores is a chance to experience everything that frustrates me about the food industry; it’s loud, (can be) unhealthy, obnoxious and manipulative. Just look at the physical space when you walk in: it’s assaulting. Bright, loud and colorful, it’s meant to seduce you into buying things you don’t need. The busiest and often unhealthiest options are conveniently placed on the ends of the aisles or in the checkout area where you’ll be enticed to grab them. Healthy things are harder to find than unhealthy; inexpensive options are often at the bottom of the shelf, not at eye level. read more


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Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe During the Storm


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NSTAR Offers Tips to on How to Prepare for Snowstorm

File photo: NSTAR

With a major nor’easter expected to impact the Boston area beginning Friday, NSTAR announced on Thursday it will will activate its emergency response plan for a significant impact on the electric grid.

“We’re well into our preparations for responding to potentially widespread power outages resulting fromthe nor’easter’s high winds and heavy snow,” said Craig Hallstrom, President of NSTAR Electric. “Weprepare year-round for storms like this and stand ready to address damage to our system as soon as itbecomes safe to do so.”

NSTAR said 3,000 employees are currently preparing to assist in the storm reponse effort, and the company has also secured additional contractor line and tree crews. 

The company is advising customers to make advanced preparations as well. 
You can can prepare for storm damage and power outages by assembling a storm kit in advance

Some suggestions for items to include in a storm kit are: read more


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Ten Tips for Healthy Eating

Around this time of year, people start re-evaluating their New Year’s Resolutions. They either are still on track and feeling great or they’ve lost their resolve and are feeling frustrated and defeated.

One of the common goals set at the beginning of the year is around weight loss.  As a yoga teacher, I get questions about yoga’s effectiveness for weight loss. People want to know how many calories they’ll burn, is hot yoga more effective for weight loss than unheated yoga or how many times per week do you need to do yoga to lose weight. I usually say something like this:

“Yoga, done regularly can be an effective tool for managing your weight. If you can get to a studio class three times per week and supplement that with 20 to 30 minutes at home on the other days or use these alternate days for pure cardiovascular exercise (plus one rest day), this can be a solid path to controlling or losing weight (you need to be eating healthy too).” read more


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