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South End’s McKinley Among Schools That Received Suspicious Letters

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The park extends along the perimeter of the parking lot behind McKinley School

One South End School, the McKinley school, was among the Boston public schools that received suspicious letters late last week.

As of Friday afternoon the Boston Police Department had collected 24 suspicious letters sent to Boston public schools, according to

“There does not appear to be any reason why any particular schools received letters, and it is possible that others have yet to arrive. The letters all appear to be from the same sender and have the same postmarked Texas address. The investigation is ongoing,” the posting stated.

Boston Police increased presence at schools across the city on Thursday and Friday, and police have said there is no credible physical threat. The letters did not contain any dangerous substances.

The following schools received the letters:

Adams Elementary School
Beethoven Elementary School
Boston Community Leadership Academy
Boston International High School
Boston Latin Academy
Charlestown High School
Community Academy of Science and Health
Dorchester Academy
Edison K-8 School
Fenway High School
Gardner Pilot Academy
Henderson Elementary School
Irving Middle School
Mather Elementary School
McCormack Middle School
McKinley South End Academy
Murphy K-8 School
O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science
O’Donnell Elementary School
Ohrenberger School
Quincy Upper School
Roger Clap Innovation School
Russell Elementary School
Tobin K-8 School read more


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Police: Boston Schools Received Suspicious Letters

Boston Police badge

Boston Police are investigating several suspicious letters sent to different Boston Public Schools today, according to a statement from police.

The letters contained “threatening and disturbing” content, said police, but contained no dangerous subtances. Police said the letters were addressed to public schools in different areas of the city and were all postmarked from Texas. 

Police did not specify which schools received the letters. 

“Boston Police are collecting the letters and will investigate the source,” police said. “We do not know of any credible threat to our schools.”

Police said that school officials will continue to isolate any letters with a Texas address, and that police will increase their presence at schools in the following days and weeks. 

“While we remain vigilant and are taking appropriate action, we reiterate there is no credible physical threat and the letters did not contain any substances,” police said in the statement. “The safety of our students and school personnel is our top priority.” read more


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Suspicious Package Holds Plane at Logan


A plane that landed at Logan Airport this morning has been evacuated due to reports of a suspicious package, according to NBC Philadelphia.

US Airways Flight #1716 left Philadelphia this morning, according to NBC Philadelphia, and landed at Logan within the past hour. 

WHDH reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan reported on the air from Logan Airport that the baggage has been taken off the plane and is being inspected.

“Logan is teeming with security this morning, state troopers, and runners everywhere in their blue jackets heading home from their attempt at the marathon,” Phillippi Ryan reported.

As of 11:20 a.m., some crew members had reboarded the plane, which is now taxiing on the runway.

Check back for further updates on this story.

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