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5 Laugh-Out-Loud Blogs to Start the School Year

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You've bought the supplies (or not), you've got the new clothes (some of them), and like it or not, the first day of school is upon you. Here, some inspiration to get you ready for the year ahead.
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What to Do in Case a Hurricane Hits Boston This Year


Hurricane season peaks in Boston in late August to mid-October, and officials say 2013 could be an above-average year. Here's what you can do to prepare now instead of at the last minute.
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More Than 1,200 Riders Cited for Fare Evasion This Year

MBTA D line

If you’ve ever thought about jumping those MBTA gates to catch a bus, it’s likely you’ll get hit with a fine for evading the fare.

MBTA police have issued 1,231 evasion citations system wide so far in 2013, as of Monday, according to MBTA detective Richard Sullivan. Over the same period last year, the MBTA issued 1,267 citations.

The fine for a first-time fare evader is $ 50, according to Sullivan; future offenses could be as high as $ 500, according to the law.

Operation Fare Game, the MBTA’s initiative to enforce fare laws on the T, from time to time leads to arrests.

Christian Fitzgerald, 23, of Roxbury was arrested March 22 after he attempted to dodge a fare at Downtown Crossing by entering through the exit-only gate, according to a transit police blog post.

Police intended to issue a citation, but found there were warrants out for Fitzgerald’s arrest.

“Fitzgerald was wanted from Boston Municipal Court for Assault with a Dangerous Weapon and Larceny from the Person and additionally from Fall River District Court for Municipal Ordinance Violations,” MBTA police said in their post entitled “Operation Fare Game gets another one.” read more


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Crime Down Overall in South End Since Last Year

Boston Police Department

Crime in the South End area is down overall, but there have been several recent house breaks in the area, according to the Boston Police Department. 

Captain Paul M. Ivens of the D-4 district said that crime in 2012 was down compared to 2011, which was down compared to 2010. According to Boston Police statistics, in the South End area, overall crime was down 10 percent. 

Captain Ivens said the area around Peter’s Park has been improving based on a concerted effort to interrogate everyone seen hanging around the area.

“They didn’t do anything wrong, but we know they were in this area on this date, and sometimes it helps us in other investigations,” he said. “People that don’t belong here, we make it uncomfortable for them to be here anymore. Once they are no longer anonymous they tend to leave.”

Captain Ivens said there were some recent house breaks in the South End, near Warren Avenue, and several suspects were arrested.  read more


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South End Answers: What’s Up with the Ice Melt This Year?

In this week’s column of “You Ask, Patch Answers,” a new feature where we find the answers to your questions, reader Robert Rovenolt asked about the ice melt and whether it was a different substance this year in Boston. 

“[My question] concerns the different snow/ice melt the DPW spread on the streets during the last storm,” he wrote. “It seems like a new substance that is now coating everything…cars, buildings and people when it blows in clouds down the street. It stings the eyes and I’m sure it’s not good for are 4 pawed friends! What’s up DPW?”

I reached out to the City of Boston, to the mayor’s office and to the Boston Public Works Department. The mayor’s spokesperson said there’s nothing new or unusual happening with the snow/ice melt this year.

“Public Works places salt or a salt and water mixture called brine to the roads,” wrote John Guilfoil in an email. “There are no other chemicals used to treat the roads.” read more


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