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10 Tips for Adjusting to Heated Yoga Classes in Summer

I’ve been practicing heated yoga for 13 years. I’ve mixed in other styles as well, including those that don’t involve heat, and I can say I enjoy both and find both effective. However, I will admit that once it starts to get hot outside, I need to make adjustments in my practice so I can practice comfortably in a heated class. In the past few weeks, the weather here in Boston has started to shift to warmer temperatures. With that, as expected, I’ve had an increase in questions from students about how to practice safely in a heated studio. They’ve also had some questions about experiences in their body that they don’t normally feel when it’s cold out. If you’re practicing heated yoga in the warmer summer months, here are 10 tips to help you adjust safely: 1. The water you drink before class is just as important as drinking water after class. Many of us don’t think about additional hydration in the summer months and keep our same routine of liquid intake and then hop into the hot studio. In the warmer months, with increased sweating even before you arrive, you need to replace that hydration before you start class. 2. Replace your water with fluids that have electrolytes. When you sweat, you lose electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. These need to be replaced so you’re not dehydrated and to keep your overall systems in balance. I like coconut water but there are many other supplemented waters out there you can try. Be aware if drinking sports drinks of the added sugar content. Coconut water is great because there is no added sugar. 3. Check your diet. As it gets warmer out, we need to adjust our intake so we aren’t overeating or ingesting heavy foods, especially if we plan to take a heated class within a few hours of eating. When you eat, the blood goes to your digestive organs and away from the muscles, so overeating will work against you in class. However, we also need to make reasonable food choices before yoga. If the class is before the lunch or dinner hour, make sure you select foods that are easy to digest and watch portion sizes. A banana, other fruit, nut bar or Greek yogurt are good choices. 4. Rest more. Some students never rest until the very end of class when the teacher calls for everyone to rest in shavasana. During the summer months, you may find yourself feeling drained before you even step in the door, due to the increased heat and humidity outside. As you’re practicing, take time to stop in Child’s Pose and take a few breaths before joining […]


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