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Columbia Plaza Associates, et al. v. Northeastern University (Lawyers Weekly No. 12-175-16)

1 COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS SUFFOLK, ss. SUPERIOR COURT SUCV2013-2392-BLS 2 COLUMBIA PLAZA ASSOCIATES, et al. Plaintiffs vs. NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Defendant FINDINGS OF FACT, RULINGS OF LAW AND ORDER OF JUDGMENT This case arises from a series of agreements between the defendant Northeastern University (Northeastern) and the plaintiff Columbia Plaza Associates (CPA), a minority owned general partnership. The agreements related to the development of land known as Parcel 18 adjacent to Northeastern’s main campus. Northeastern owned the parcel, and plaintiffs held certain development rights. Plaintiffs allege that that Northeastern reaped unbargained for benefits in developing the parcel without adequately compensating them, and also convinced the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) to approve plans needed to allow that development by misrepresenting to the BRA that it had the plaintiffs’ participation. This matter came before the Court in October 2016 for jury-waived trial on the sole remaining count of the Verified Complaint, Count VII, alleging a violation of Chapter 93A. This Court concludes that judgment should enter for the defendant. 2 FINDINGS OF FACT1 Parcel 18 is located in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston next to Northeastern’s main campus. It consists of five sub parcels: 18-1A, 18-1B, 18-2, 18-3A and 18-3B. The BRA designated Parcel 18 as a Planned Development Area (PDA), specifically PDA 34. A PDA is a zoning overlay district and is one of the tools used by the BRA to impose certain controls on commercial development. Those tools include Cooperation Agreements, Sales and Construction Agreements, Master Plans and Development Plans. In June 1989, the BRA adopted a Master Plan and a Development Plan for Parcel 18. The Master Plan provided for the development of multiple buildings on four of the sub parcels, 18-1A, 18-1B, 18-3A, and 18-3B (collectively the “Development Parcels”). The remaining sub parcel, 18-2, was to be the site of a parking garage (the “Garage Parcel”). At the time, Parcel 18 was owned by various government entities, although Northeastern would ultimately become the owner of all of Parcel 18. CPA was formed for the purpose of participating in Boston’s “linkage plan,” a program created to promote development in areas of Boston in need of revitalization by linking together a commercial developer with a minority partner. CPA held certain development rights on Parcel 18. The commercial developer with whom CPA was paired was Metropolitan Structures, an Illinois-based general partnership. From its inception until December 2008, CPA had two general partners: plaintiff Ruggles-Bedford Associates Limited Partnership, (Ruggles-Bedford LP) comprised primarily of 1 In ruling on a motion for summary judgment in this case, another Superior Court judge outlined in the “Background” section of his decision certain facts contained in the summary judgment record, with all inferences drawn in favor of the […]


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New Art and Lights Display Coming to BCA Plaza

Swipe your Charlie Card to see historical art by day, and a light show at night. (Don't worry, it's free.) South End Patch News


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Runners Bags Available at Park Plaza Castle Today

The Boston Athletic Association said runners may pick up their bags between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tuesday at 130 Columbus Ave. Some runners have reported that they are also handing out medals, but the BAA could not confirm this. Just before noon, the Boston Athletic Association posted the following on its Facebook page:  First, we again want to express our sympathy to all of the victims and our gratitude to the first responders of yesterday’s explosions.  We’re working with the City of Boston to re-open streets that have been cleared from the investigation as quickly as possible. As such, the runners’ bags that were being picked up on Berkeley Street are now being moved to “The Castle” at 101 Arlington Street (at Stuart St.) and will be available until 7:00 p.m. tonight.  Later today, we’ll have updates on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday pick-up.  The finish line remains an active crime scene. We ask that our runners and the public please cooperate with the law enforcement agencies in the area for as long as our collective cooperation is requested.  We again extend a heartfelt thank you from us at the Boston Athletic Association for the condolences that have come in from around the world. South End Patch


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Fun and The Shins Headlining Boston Calling Music Festival at City Hall Plaza

  Get your tickets now for the Boston Calling Music Festival because they will be selling out! Popular groups like Fun, The Shins, Of Monsters and Men, for a total of 18 music acts that your grandma has never heard of – will hit the Boston City Hall Plaza stage on the weekend of May 25-26.  The full lineup includes several acts scheduled to perform at the Boston Calling Music Festival. The festival is a two-day, two-stage event with access to both stages, food, services and more. All ages are welcome and children younger than 10 are free. Boston Calling is a rain or shine event, so only in the event of a state wide emergency that forces Boston Calling to be canceled, will all tickets purchased in advance be refunded. Ticket sales start Friday, March 8 and be purchased here with prices varying from single days passes for $ 75, weekend passes for $ 130, and VIP tickets for $ 185 for a single day or $ 350 for the weekend. South End Patch


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