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Legislation Aims to Protect Off-Duty Responders from Lawsuits

Massachusetts State House

The Massachusetts State Senate has unanimously approved a “Good Samaritan Bill” aimed at protecting off-duty first responders from lawsuits if they provide  assistance at an emergency scene.

The issue of protecting first responders and others from lawsuits has come up at various times in recent years, but quickly regained traction in the aftermath of the recent Boston Marathon bombings. 

“While the many off-duty firefighters and EMTs who rushed to help in the aftermath of the Marathon bombings brought this into sharp focus, the fact is we are lucky to have brave men and women who come to the aid of their fellow citizens every day in emergencies from car accidents to heart attacks,” said State Senator Katherine Clark, who chairs the Judiciary Committee. “They shouldn’t have to worry that doing the right thing could result in legal action.”

According to an announcement from Clark’s office, this legislation would specifically place off-duty first responders under the state’s existing Good Samaritan Law, which protects average citizens from frivolous lawsuits if they provide assistance to somebody during an emergency. read more


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Death of Abandoned Dog Spurs Legislation Effort

Phantom, the dog found dead in a foreclosed Hudson home, was a 2-year-old purebred Lab.

A resident’s efforts to find justice for a lab that died after being abandoned in a foreclosed property have culminated with the filing of a bill to protect animals in similar situations.

“This is the bill that I want. I have been praying for this bill for two years and I am very, very happy … I want this law passed. I don’t want this to happen to any other dogs,” said Lyn Gorka, a local real estate agent and animal rights advocate, who had spoken out for such a bill after being moved by the story of the 2 year-old Phantom that died after being abandoned in a foreclosed apartment.

Gorka said abandoned animals in foreclosed properties is ongoing and being reported by other brokers throughout the region.

“I want this to be called Phantom’s Bill,” she said. “I’ve been working on it for almost two years and I haven’t given up … with this bill in place, more animals will be saved.” read more


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Legislation Filed to Make ‘Roadrunner’ State Rock Song

Massachusetts already has a state polka (“Say Hello to Someone from Massachusetts,” anybody?) and a state glee club song among its eight anthems, but the state that produced The Pixies, Aerosmith and The Cars is missing its own rock song.

But that could change soon. Rep. Martin Walsh (D-Dorchester) filed legislation last week to make “Roadrunner,” by The Modern Lovers the state rock song. In “Roadrunner,” Natick native Jonathan Richman croons about Stop & Shop, Route 128 and “the modern sounds of modern Massachusetts.”

And “Roadrunner” could be the only rock song that has the lyrics “I’m in love with Massachusetts.” 

“This is about acknowledging an artist from Massachusetts who’s obviously had a very good career and one of his masterpieces outlines our Commonwealth. Why not recognize the people that have helped us become such a great place?” Walsh told the Boston Phoenix read more


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Mass. bill would allow parole for juvenile killers –



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