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South End Residents Among First Responders Receiving Tickets Donated by Outside the Box

Nurses Jane Dufresne, Adam Cabral of the South End, Matthew St. Hilaire, Casey Dewalt, Jeffrey Lampson, Daniel Nadworny, Kristin Reed & social worker Matthew Ottaviani of the South End receive donated tickets at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Ted Cutler, founder and chairman of Outside the Box, has donated tickets to first responders and medical staff throughout Boston to a special Doo Wop Show at the Cutler Majestic Theatre on the first Sunday of the festival.

Tickets have
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Legislation Aims to Protect Off-Duty Responders from Lawsuits

Massachusetts State House

The Massachusetts State Senate has unanimously approved a “Good Samaritan Bill” aimed at protecting off-duty first responders from lawsuits if they provide  assistance at an emergency scene.

The issue of protecting first responders and others from lawsuits has come up at various times in recent years, but quickly regained traction in the aftermath of the recent Boston Marathon bombings. 

“While the many off-duty firefighters and EMTs who rushed to help in the aftermath of the Marathon bombings brought this into sharp focus, the fact is we are lucky to have brave men and women who come to the aid of their fellow citizens every day in emergencies from car accidents to heart attacks,” said State Senator Katherine Clark, who chairs the Judiciary Committee. “They shouldn’t have to worry that doing the right thing could result in legal action.”

According to an announcement from Clark’s office, this legislation would specifically place off-duty first responders under the state’s existing Good Samaritan Law, which protects average citizens from frivolous lawsuits if they provide assistance to somebody during an emergency. read more


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Should Boston’s First Responders Get a Duck Boat Parade?

Boston’s run the gamut of emotions this week, from terror to sadness to perseverance and, finally, joy. Throughout the entire topsy turvy week, however, everyone said the same thing: Boston’s first responders did an outstanding job. From the injured at the finish line to the academics and public policy experts, an entire nation has lauded Boston’s police officers, firefighters, EMTs and medical professionals for their response to the bombing.

With the bombers now both accounted for, someone on Facebook got themselves a good idea: We’ve had Duck Boat parades for the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Patriots in the past 12 years. How about we crank up the Ducks and take to the streets to say thanks to the city’s first responders?

The Facebook page Duck Boat Parade for Boston First Responders was started Friday night just after the second bombing suspect was captured. By 9:45 a.m. Saturday morning, it already had 51,400 likes. This is an ide people can get behind. read more


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