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How to Keep Your Pets Safe in a Heat Wave

Dogs locked in cars can die from heat exhaustion even in relatively low temeratures. On an the glass of the windows and windshield can heat the interior to 100 degrees. Credit: MSPCA

By: Nate Homan

With temperatures expected to be in the 90’s through the end of the week, take a few minutes to see how you can keep your pets safe during a heat wave. According to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ani
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Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe From the Heat This Summer


From the ASPCA:

For many people, nothing beats lounging in the backyard on the Fourth of July with good friends and family — including the four-legged members of the household.

While it may see
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Want to Keep Bees or Chickens in Boston? Now, There are Rules

Under the city of Boston's proposed new urban agriculture rules, a maximum of two honey bee hives will be allowed on any given lot or roof for personal consumption of honey bee products, while three hives will be allowed on an urban farm. Hives will be limited to 5 feet in height and 20 feet in length, and any hive located within 20 feet of the principal building on an abutting lot must have written permission from the neighboring property owner.

After more than a year of discussions, the city has published a draft document outlining new rules for urban agriculture in Boston.

From the keeping of hens and honey bees to regulation of composting, aquaculture, rooftop farms and farmers markets, the new document sets standards for a variety of urban agriculture activities that are not currently addressed in Boston’s zoning code.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority, Mayor’s Office of Food Initiatives and Mayor’s Urban Agriculture Rezoning Working Group have been meeting monthly since January 2012 to work on the document.

The new regulations, Article 89 of the Boston Zoning Code, will “create clarity and predictability for anyone interested in commercial food growing and creating farms in Boston,” according to a statement on the BRA website.

The BRA posted a list of reasons urban agriculture is good for Boston, including bringing neighbors together, improving access to fresh, healthy food, environmental benefits and educational opportunities. read more


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Parents: Share Your Ideas to Keep Kids Occupied During Bomber Crisis

Greater Boston is in total lock down and even adults are scared by the news of a cop-killing bomber on the loose. WGBH just tweeted a helpful note for parents: They have children’s programming you can stream from your computer. 

If any other parent has helpful resources to keep kids occupied and away from the heavy news morning, please share them in the comments below.

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Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe During the Storm


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