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Why Is there Just One Starbucks in the South End?

Would you like to see more in the South End, or are you more happy with the neighborhood's independent coffee shops? South End Patch News


Posted by Massachusetts Legal Resources - August 8, 2013 at 11:49 pm

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Menino Endorses Markey as ‘There When We Need Him’

Calling him a friend to his city and state, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino endorsed Democratic U.S. Senate special election nominee Congressman Edward Markey in Dorchester on Friday morning. Speaking at a rally at the International Brotherhood of Eletrical Workers Local 103, Menino, a Democrat, said Markey has been with the city “at every corner.” Menino said Markey helped the city receive more Homeland Security funding, has been “out front” on gun control and sustainability. “He’s there for us all the time,” Menino said. Markey welcomed the endorsement, calling Menino “America’s greatest mayor” and a “transformative figure” for Boston and Massachusetts. “He has taken Boston and truly made it that shining beacon on a hill,” Markey said. “His name might be Tom Meni-NO, but he says ‘Yes’ to anything that makes Boston a greater city.”  Speaking to reporters after the rally, Menino said that if the June 25 special election leads to a low turnout, he expects Markey to defeat Republic nominee Gabriel Gomez of Cohasset. “They don’t have the excitment they had,” Menino said of state Republicans. “(Former Republican Senator) Scott Brown had the excitement. There’s no excitement for (Gomez).” The race between Markey and Gomez took a nasty turn this week when Gomez called Markey “pond scum” for running an attack ad featuring images of Osama bin Laden. “I don’t think that the people of Massachusetts want to hear any name-calling,” Markey told reporters after the rally. “I think what they want to hear are real proposals. […] They want to hear about who the next Senator is and how it’s going to affect their family. And that’s what I’m going to focus on.” SOUTH END PATCH: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail Updates South End Patch


Posted by Massachusetts Legal Resources - May 29, 2013 at 12:31 am

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Want to Keep Bees or Chickens in Boston? Now, There are Rules

After more than a year of discussions, the city has published a draft document outlining new rules for urban agriculture in Boston. From the keeping of hens and honey bees to regulation of composting, aquaculture, rooftop farms and farmers markets, the new document sets standards for a variety of urban agriculture activities that are not currently addressed in Boston’s zoning code. The Boston Redevelopment Authority, Mayor’s Office of Food Initiatives and Mayor’s Urban Agriculture Rezoning Working Group have been meeting monthly since January 2012 to work on the document. The new regulations, Article 89 of the Boston Zoning Code, will “create clarity and predictability for anyone interested in commercial food growing and creating farms in Boston,” according to a statement on the BRA website. The BRA posted a list of reasons urban agriculture is good for Boston, including bringing neighbors together, improving access to fresh, healthy food, environmental benefits and educational opportunities. The BRA is encouraging Boston residents to review the proposed guidelines and provide feedback over the summer. A series of neighborhood meetings on urban agriculture will be scheduled in the coming months, and residents can follow the conversation using the Twitter hashtag #UrbanAgBos. The new zoning regulations set standards for the “siting, design, maintenance and modification of urban agriculture activities that address public safety and minimize impacts on residents and historic resources in the City of Boston,” according to the document’s Statement of Purpose. Some highlights from the draft regulations: • Small and medium ground-level urban farms will be allowed in all city districts and subdistricts, while large ground-level farms—greater than one acre in size—are allowed only in industrial districts and as a conditional use, with special permit, in all other districts. • Rooftop farms of all sizes will be allowed by right in the city’s industrial and institutional districts, but rooftop farms of more than 5,000 sq. ft. are conditional in all other districts and subdistricts. • Most ground-level urban farms that are more than 10,000 sq. ft. in size must undergo a Comprehensive Farm Review process to make sure they are designed in a way that fits with the surrounding neighborhood. Rooftop farms larger than 5,000 sq. ft. must also go through the CFR process, with some exceptions for farms being placed in industrial and institutional districts. • Accessory composting will be allowed where any ground-level urban farm or rooftop urban farm is permitted. Ground-level composting structures must not exceed 10 feet in height and all must not cover more than 5 percent of the lot and must be enclosed and out of direct contact with flammable materials. • Article 89 does not regulate whether the keeping […]


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