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Want to Ride Your Bike On the Common? City Still Says No


After discussions among top city officials and leaders, you still can't ride bikes in three major Boston parks.
South End Patch News


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Want to Watch Fireworks Over Boston Harbor? Well, Now You Can


Head to the waterfront over Labor Day Weekend to see the Boston Arts Festival, and stay for the fireworks show at night.
South End Patch News


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9 Things I Want to Do This Summer – What’s On Your List? (Sponsored)

2013-07-09 10:16:22.311102-04

Everyone makes a summer wish list that includes family excursions and well-deserved downtime. Here are nine things I want to do this summer. What’s on your list?  

1. Eat loads and loads of ice cream. Black raspberry, in a sugar cone
South End Patch News


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Do You Want a Digital Billboard in Your Neighborhood?

A Clear Channel Digital billboard, featuring the late star Michael Jackson, is seen in Los Angeles in February 2010.

Are you ready for digital billboards on state land across the commonwealth? The Department of Transportation wants the glowing house-sized signs on its property across the state, and the revenue they’ll bring to the state, according to the Boston Globe.

Under the current deal signed with Clear Channel, the state would get a cut of each billboard’s revenue—either 25 percent or $ 90,000 per year, whichever is higher. But other states negotiated more lucrative deals.

Current state law allows these digital billboards, but prohibits any animation. So you won’t see the latest Geico lizard ad or anything like that, but you may see a rotating set of images. It also requires the sign’s owner to set aside time for public service announcements.

You may have passed one of these signs already. There are digital billboards in Foxborough, Medford, Stoneham and a few other locations.

Former Governor Michael Dukakis is a vocal opponent of the digital billboards (and billboards in general). He was especially angry about the lack of siting oversight for local communities. read more


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What Do You Want in a Park? Boston Wants to Know

What makes a park great? Is it the amount of open space, the prevalence of natural features, shade trees, trails, benches, gardens or playgrounds? Is it a community garden, like Berkeley, or a nice space with benches, like Library Park? 

The city of Boston has begun its effort to plan for the preservation of open space and the development of parks through 2021, and wants input from residents through a new online questionnaire. 

The planning process will consider all of Boston’s public spaces including parks, playgrounds, squares, malls, community gardens, cemeteries, trails and harbor islands, and consider demographics and socio-economic trends and how they fit into park use, officials said. 

Officials also plan to target natural areas for preseracation, such as rivers, harbors, wildlife and vegetation. 

“Public participation is crucial to the success of the plan and the key ingredient to helping us make our parks and open spaces better,” the Parks Department said in a statement.  read more


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Want to Keep Bees or Chickens in Boston? Now, There are Rules

Under the city of Boston's proposed new urban agriculture rules, a maximum of two honey bee hives will be allowed on any given lot or roof for personal consumption of honey bee products, while three hives will be allowed on an urban farm. Hives will be limited to 5 feet in height and 20 feet in length, and any hive located within 20 feet of the principal building on an abutting lot must have written permission from the neighboring property owner.

After more than a year of discussions, the city has published a draft document outlining new rules for urban agriculture in Boston.

From the keeping of hens and honey bees to regulation of composting, aquaculture, rooftop farms and farmers markets, the new document sets standards for a variety of urban agriculture activities that are not currently addressed in Boston’s zoning code.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority, Mayor’s Office of Food Initiatives and Mayor’s Urban Agriculture Rezoning Working Group have been meeting monthly since January 2012 to work on the document.

The new regulations, Article 89 of the Boston Zoning Code, will “create clarity and predictability for anyone interested in commercial food growing and creating farms in Boston,” according to a statement on the BRA website.

The BRA posted a list of reasons urban agriculture is good for Boston, including bringing neighbors together, improving access to fresh, healthy food, environmental benefits and educational opportunities. read more


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Survey: Riders Want Late-Night MBTA Service

MBTA countdown clocks.

A recent survey confirms what most of Boston was already thinking: residents want late-night MBTA service.

The Boston Globe reported Friday that about 26,000 people responded to a survey saying they are in favor of late-night bus or train service in Boston.

More than 85 percent of respondents said they would be willing to wait 10 to 19 minutes for a late-night bus or train, and half said they’d pay double the fare, according to the Globe.

As MBTA officials scramble to close a $ 117 budget gap for fiscal year 2014, and legislators mull Gov. Deval Patrick’s 21st Century Transportation Plan, the T has said it is not making late-night service a priority.

MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said in a Feb. 21 email that, until the state decides to implement Patrick’s transportation budget roll out, late-night service is out of the question.

“Given the enormous strain on the MBTA’s limited resources, the Authority cannot even consider an extension of service hours before action is taken on the 21st Century Transportation Plan,” Pesaturo said. read more


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Councilors Want to Use Smart Phones, Payment Kiosks to Pay Meters, Bills

Parking meters

The Boston City Council will be discussing whether to enable residents to use smart phones to pay parking meters or pay bills at payments kiosks throughout the city.

The two ideas are separate and were proposed by different councilors but fall under the same idea of using technology to make things easier for residents.

At the council meeting on Wednesday, March 6, City Council President Stephen Murphy filed for a hearing to discuss the feasibility of payment kiosks.

“Several other cities and towns do this. They have kiosks that are located in heavily populated and trafficked areas,” Murphy said. “It’s like a remote satellite station to pay a municipal bill. I’ve seen them at sports arenas, libraries, transit stations, and they get good use.”

“We should make it easier for people. The kiosk idea is one way that would help do this. I’m kind of ganging up on what others have done with other cities and towns on best practices. Most of our payments are done 9 to 5 in person,” he continued. read more


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Do You Want ‘Roadrunner’ or ‘Dream On’ for State Rock Song?

Fans of making "Roadrunner" the commonwealth's official rock song have taken to Facebook to gather community support.

A little more than a week after a bill was filed to make “Roadrunner” by The Modern Lovers the state’s official rock song, two legislators responded by filing their own bill to make Aerosmith’s “Dream On” the anthem.

“(“Dream On” is a) classic ballad that’s all about holding on to your dreams and seizing opportunity,” Rep. Josh Cutler (D-Duxbury) said. Cutler is co-sponsoring the bill with Rep. James Cantwell (D-Marshfield).  

The two songs represent very different stories, both about rock and roll, and about Massachusetts. One is a buoyant tribute to the thrill of being young in Massachusetts, speeding down Route 128. The other is a wistful look back by a Boston band that was just at its beginnings as one of the most famous in rock history.

When asked, Gov. Deval Patrick told reporters Monday that he hasn’t considered which song, if any, he prefers for the state rock song.   read more


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