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Wu Opens Campaign HQ in the South End


Michelle Wu, a candidate for Boston City Councilor At-Large, officially opened up her campaign headquarters in the South End. 

Located at 769 Tremont St., Wu held a grand opening celebration late last week that was attended by about 50 supporters.
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Wu Opens Campaign HQ in the South End


Michelle Wu, a candidate for Boston City Councilor At-Large and a South End resident, officially opened up her campaign's headquarters in the South End.

Wu hosted a campaign headquarters grand opening celebration at the new headquarters last
South End Patch News


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SoWa Food Truck Runs Kickstarter Campaign to Open Restaurant

Mei-Mei Street Kitchen food truck serving creative and locally-sourced Chinese-American fare.

One of Boston’s most popular food trucks, Mei Mei’s Street Kitchen, is opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Audubon Circle this summer. But the owners of this already non-traditional business have sourced funding for their new expansion in yet another non-traditional way: By launching a Kickstarter campaign. 

Owners and siblings Andy, Margaret (Mei) & Irene Li opened their American-Chinese cuisine food truck in 2012, combining Andy’s dining management experience with Mei’s business acumen and Irene’s farming and cooking skills. 

Their Kickstarter campaign set a goal of $ 28,000 on June 1st to help turn their brick-and-mortar restaurance space into a certified sustainable business by the Sustainable Business Network. The trio said funds raised will go to environmentally-friendly improvements such as energy-efficient lighting, infrastructure & kitchen equipment, low-flow plumbing, compost and recycling programs, reclaimed materials for our floors, walls and counters and other green intiatives.  read more


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South End’s Ross Launches City Council Campaign

Long time South End resident Jeff Ross announced this week he would officially start his campaign for an at large seat on Boston’s City Council. 

Ross, a resident of the South End for the last 19 years, is an attorney in Boston, serves on the Democratic State Committee, and works as a local activist for LGBT rights. If elected, Ross, as an openly gay man, would be the first LGBT person to hold the at-large seat. 

“I’m running for the City Council At-Large because I believe our city is best served when it is represented  by a diverse group that is reflective of the city itself,” said Ross. “While I’m not in the race to make history as the first openly gay At-Large city councilor, the significance of it is not lost on me. Boston is a city that is strong because of its diversity and I am excited about how my campaign is already bringing people together across identities to focus on the issues facing us all.” read more


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Felix Arroyo Launches Official Campaign for Mayor

Councilor Felix G. Arroyo, At-Large

City Councilor Felix G. Arroyo officially kicked off his mayoral campaign on Saturday in the South End.

Arroyo outlined a series of goals that included improving Boston’s public schools, and having safe and affordable neighborhoods.

“My family, like many families, needed a leg up and needed affordable housing and that was provided for them right here in Villa Victoria,” he said. “Everyone deserves to have a place to live, and that doesn’t happen by accident, and that doesn’t happen because you wish it so. That happens by intention.”

Arroyo also noted he plans to support small businesses in the city.

“Boston has over a billion dollars in deposits in various banks, yet we don’t know that these banks invest at all in any of our neighborhoods,” he said. “As Mayor I would implement legislation that will ensure that we only do business with banks that are lending to small businesses, to qualified homebuyers, to development projects, and that are helping solve our foreclosure crisis.” read more


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Felix Arroyo Kicks Off Campaign for Mayor

City Councilor Felix G. Arroyo announces he will run for mayor Tuesday morning.

Standing in front of a wall lined with supporters, another city councilor announced he would be running for mayor Tuesday morning.

City Councilor Felix G. Arroyo officially entered his name into the race at a press conference from SEIU Local 615 Tuesday morning. If elected, Arroyo, who lives in Jamaica Plain, would be Boston’s first Latino mayor.

Arroyo answered a few questions from the media, including one about his campaign’s approach.

“I will have the strongest grassroots campaign, powered by committed volunteers and funded by small donors, that’s…the only way that I would want to win, and that’s exactly how I will govern,” he said.

Arroyo has been an organizer advocating for workers’ rights at SEIU 16.

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Candidates Defend Iraq War Votes, Campaign Ads Aplenty

Massachusetts' U.S. Senate candidates.

The Democratic candidates for Senate this week talked about the war in Iraq, launched more television ads, opened regional and local campaign offices and continued to get the word out as the April 30 primary draws near.

This past week marked the 10-year anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, and with a hotly contested U.S. Senate Primary just over a month away, both Congressmen seeking the Democratic nomination found themselves defending their votes.

Democratic opponents Congressmen Stephen Lynch (D-South Boston) and Edward Markey (D-Malden) both voted to use force in Iraq, but the two Senate candidates disagreed on a vote the following year to approve $ 87.5 billion to fund the war. reports that Lynch voted for the funding package and also voted for four bills between 2004 and 2006 partly to fund the war, while Markey voted no on the funding package and was opposed to the bills.

At a 10th anniversary event last week,, reported that Lynch said he voted the way he did because he wanted to make sure the U.S. operation in Iraq had what it needed to be successful and to bring the troops home safely and as soon as possible. read more


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Suzanne Lee Kicks off City Council Campaign for District 2

Suzanne Lee, who came within 97 votes of unseating incumbent Bill Linehan in 2011, announced on Wednesday she is again running for the Boston City Council in District 2, which includes the South End. 

Lee said she remains committed to improving the quality of life here in Boston, and to developing “safe and vibrant communities.”

“As I’ve continued to talk to residents throughout the district, I still hear concerns about jobs and liveable wages, about ensuring that every child has a quality education and about making Boston a place where families can find affordable housing options,” Lee said. “As City Councilor, I will build on my years of service to our communities and work hard to deliver the results that our families deserve.”

More about Lee
Lee’s previous campaign in 2011 came just 100 votes short of unseating incumbent Bill Linehan. A resident of Chinatown, Lee has worked in the Boston Public Schools for 35 years, first as a teacher and later as a principal. She led a turnaround at the Baldwin School in Brighton, then went on to head the Josiah Quincy Elementary School for 10 years. During her tenure the school was named one of the Best 100 Elementary Schools in Massachusetts. read more


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