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Boston Doctor Describes ‘Roller Coaster’ Allergy Season


The temperatures soared this weekend, and according to a few testimonials on Facebook, so did peoples’ seasonal allergy symptoms.

Patch checked in with Jessica Savage, instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and associate physician at Brigham and Womens’ Faulkner Hospital, to find out if this season has been worse than the past or if it’s just our sinuses telling us that.

Patch: Was there a resurgence in hay fever allergic reactions this past weekend due to the heat or do people just think there was?

Jessica Savage: I’ve definitely seen people with more severe symptoms lately, but I haven’t found evidence of higher than normal pollen levels. I think it’s just that typically spring and fall are really bad seasons and we’re experiencing the worst of the spring season right now.

Patch: So this is the peak?

JS: Yeah, it’s more that this is a typical peak in everyone’s symptoms rather than something unusual. read more


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Food Truck Lineup at SoWa for 2013 Season


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Food Truck Lineup at SoWa Announced for Upcoming Season

Crowds lined up for the amazing grub offered from the local food trucks.

The organizers behind the SoWa market have been busy this winter. The 2013 SoWa Open Market will feature its usual open market, vintage market and farmer’s market, and this year, will include an expanded lineup of food trucks, featuring more than 35 different food vendors and restaurants on wheels. 

The open market, which will be celebrating its ten year annivesary this year, is open every Sunday from May through October from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with several different locations up and down Harrison Avenue in the South End’s SoWa district. The 2013 season will begin on May 5th. 

The farmer’s market is located at 500 Harrison Avenue and features produce from local farmers and specialty food vendors. The open market, at 460 Harrison Ave. features work by local artists and crafters who sell unique gift items like jewelry, clothing, toys, pottery and more. The third part of the market is a large, year-round vintage market that features furniture and clothing. And for those with a hankering for a freshly cooked meal, there’s the food truck area in the Trolly Building  at 540 Harrison Ave.  read more


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