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Woman Charged with Drug Possession at Boston Medical Center

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The following information was supplied by the Boston Police Department. Charges listed do not indicate convictions.

A Boston woman was arrested and charged with drug possession at the Boston Medical Center campus over the weekend after allegedly tresspassing and giving police a fake name.

Police responded to Boston Medical Center at 3 a.m. on Sunday for a report of a person doing drugs at 840 Harrison Ave. 

When police arrived, they reportedly found multiple syringes in the area. Police interviewed a woman they suspected to be involved, who said she had no medical reason to be at Boston Medical Center, police said. During the interview, the woman allegedly gave a fake name to police. 

The woman, Loralie Fuller, of 39 Boylston St., was arrested and charged with tresspassing. During a search, officers reportedly found an unmarked pill bottle with dozens of Ibuprofen 800mg pills. When asked where she got these, Fuller told police, “I got them from a friend. They aren’t mine,” according to the report. read more


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Police: Man Charged with Drug Possession, Attempting to Break into Car on Harrison Ave

Boston Police Department

Boston Police observed a man looking into the windows of a blue Volvo while trying to open the front driver’s side door on Harrison Avenue at about 1:55 a.m. on April 27.

The officer asked the suspect what was going on. The suspect reportedly turned around and looked frightened. The suspect reportedly started speaking rapidly. The officer thought that the suspect might try to make a run for it. The suspect stated that the vehicle belonged to his girlfriend. The suspect stated that he had just gotten off work and was looking to meet his girlfriend there.

The suspect then told officers that he was off of his medications and that his girlfriend was on her way with the medication. According to the police, the suspect’s story continued to change.

During his conversation with the officer, the suspect continued to place his hands in his pockets after the officer asked that he keep his hands in plain sight.

The officer decided to search the suspect and preformed a pat and frisk. The officer found a pill bottle in the suspect’s pocket. The suspect told the officer that this was his medication. The officer investigated the pill bottle and found 15 Suboxone and Promethazine. read more


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Boston Man Charged with Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, Unlawful Possession of a Weapon


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